Visiting Engineers

A Visiting Mechanical Engineer by Second Class

Colga Coyle ( Eva’s and Hannah’s Dad) visited our class this morning. It was really interesting listening to him. He had a powerpoint prepared and showed it to the girls. He talked about all the different types of engineers who work nowadays. His first picture was of an old steam engine. It was very funny. We saw lots of beautiful cities with amazing buildings like, London, Paris and Singapore. He showed us the instruments he makes in Aerogen, in Galway. They make nebulisers for people with breathing problems like asthma.  These nebulisers turn liquid medicine into vapour which is easier to administer to very sick patients in hospital or to people who may have breathing problems. He showed the girls a picture of a pair of lungs and how, if you spread all the little vessels out they would cover the size of a tennis pitch. We were delighted with his visit and thanked him very much for coming to our class.

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