The chronicles of Room 2

Over the past few days we have been up to all sorts of learning fun in Miss Feeney’s class…

We have started to learn all about the farm through Aistear.

To strengthen our hands for learning to write, we use our playdough in class… The pictures you see are of the day we had a playdough disco- it was so much fun!!! We also do lots of cutting and sticking activities in class, this is to practice using scissors- we are getting so much better!

We also painted cave paintings inspired by the story “Cave Baby” by Julia Donaldson. We used cotton buds as paint brushes because they are nice and small to create little designs. We used the same colour paint as our table colour and when we put all the paintings on our notice board it looked like a rainbow!

And we even went on a senses walk around Athenry town: using our eyes to see, our noses to smell, our hands to touch and our ears to listen… We were so busy enjoying ourselves we forgot to take more photos… We also had to use our mouth to taste, so Miss Feeney gave us a little treat when we got back to class, yummy!

Being in Junior Infants is so much fun!!! 🙂

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