Tamia is our Champ!!

Hi! I’m Tamia and over the weekend I went to Inis Mór, In Inis Mór I played a handball competition and there were some very good hanballers there. They came from Northern Ireland,Cork and all different places around Ireland. It was on the 17th to the 19th of May. It started very early on Saturday morning and I was very nervous. My first opponent was a girl called Grace. The score was 21-9. My second game I played a girl called Ellen. The score was 21-13. And the final was very tight. The score was 12-11 to me. All games were timed for 10 minutes or first to 21. I won and I was very happy. My next tournament is in Mounttalbot ; it is a ranking event. I hope to build on this win for my success.

By Tamia Kelly 3rd Class

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