Maths quiz for maths week in 4th class

Well done to our red pod who were winners of our fun maths quiz to celebrate Maths Week 2021!

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Photos at the Castle!

4th class we’re delighted to view the beautiful photos of wildlife on display at the castle this morning!

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STEM challenge fun in 4th

The girls worked in pairs to make the longest paper chain possible using only one piece of paper, a scissors and glue. Congratulations to Tammy and Aimee who made the longest paper chain!

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Exploring the Constellations.

5th and 6th class girls exploring the constellations in the night sky via the class iPads. Anyone can use this free software to explore the night sky on any device. Just go to

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Science Week in 1st Class!

Last week Ms. Dolan’s 1st Class had lots of fun with a precipitation experiment inspired by the fun Go Noodle movement break dance called Water Cycle. After discussing our predictions, we prepared for this experiment! First, we filled a cup almost full with water. On top, in pairs we sprayed shaving cream as clouds. Then, […]

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