Ideas for practicing tables at home


Skip counting (forwards & backwards) either individually or as a group

Multiplication Bingo/Tables Bingo (resources on teaching

Break the chain (either skip counting or tables): Children ask each other tables and try not to break the answer chain by giving an incorrect answer.

Tests: timed written tests/tables speed test. Children are given a set amount of time to complete various operations. If they succeed in getting all correct, they get less time the next day to complete the same.

Recite tables every morning

Sponge ball: Ask someone a table and throw a sponge ball to them at the same time.

Concentration: clapping (circle)

Doubles: asking number doubles i.e. 7×7, 6×6 …………..

Pair tables: Two siblings compete to answer a table. The winner goes on to compete against  a winner from another pair, and so on………….

Skip and recite your tables

Singing their tables/Rapping tables. Refer to Multiplication Unplugged on below

Useful websites for table activities

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