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Scoil Chroí Naofa Students Council Activities 2018 2019

Written by Sixth Class

6th Class Minders 

Sixth class mind children every break and lunch break until the teachers come back from their lunch. We’re glad we get to mind since we get to interact with the younger classes in our school. The children are always kind and sweet, and love to talk to each other. It is a responsible job that we are very glad to do each day.

Students Council raise money for Athenry playground

Our class (6th class) were disappointed to hear that the Athenry playground was closed.We decided to bring our annual bake sale forward and have a Halloween themed bake sale. The parents and children of the school were so generous in baking goods for our sale that we managed to raise €1300 . The student council were delighted to help their local community.

Tidy towns calendar.

6th class took part in The Clarin River: from source to sea  children’s photography competition. We went on a geography tour of Athenry and had great fun taking pictures of our beautiful town. We uploaded our pictures to the website and a few weeks later we got great results. 4 of the girls from our class got into the calendar and one girl got into the “runner ups”. The winners were: lizzy , Kaceyleigh , Eva and Victoria. The runner up was Grace.

SCN Christmas Nativity?

Sixth class preformed a nativity at assembly for the school. We had practiced the nativity before and had all our roles. All the children and staff seemed to enjoy the nativity and other classes sang songs afterwards.

Decorating the  Christmas tree!

Scoil Chroí Naofa 6th class were busy before the Christmas .We helped make all the decorations for the two main Christmas trees in Athenry.This is a great honor for us.We love helping our community. We got all the children in the school involved.They all colored a picture or wrote a wish for the tree. We collected them all up and hung them on the Christmas trees  with the help of the Tidy Towns Committee.

Reading With The Juniors!

Every morning we help the junior infants with their reading and sounding words. We enjoy listening to the juniors reading. We read them a story that we had written at a creative writing workshop. This is a great experience for both classes because we can interact one on one with the children and can help them with their reading. We’rey all excited to continue this throughout the year.

TRIP TO FIGHTING WORDS WORK SHOP!                                          

On the 23 of November student council (6th class) went on a train which the parents council kindly payed for  into galway, for the  FIGHTING WORDS WORK SHOP .This took place in the Town Hall.We wrote a book altogether. The book is called “The snowman and the run away carrot”.We had to write our own ending to the story. When we finished the book we read our stories to the Junior infants.It was a great experience !!

Water Colour Workshop!

In December, Anita Dillon, a local artist, came in to teach us about water colour painting. She taught us a few different techniques. We made a lot of different patterns on small pieces of canvas. We really enjoyed making different designs and seeing different types of art! 

Hyacinths from the tidy towns.

Mrs Monson’s 6th class linked up with the Athenry tidy towns to get hyacinths bulbs to plant. Then Celia a member of the Athenry tidy towns came to see us in our class and gave us 29 bulbs to plant. We then planted them in pots and watched them grow and bloom into flowers in our classroom. We had to be very responsible because the flowers had to be watered everyday and taken care of.Once our flowers bloomed we brought them home. 

The Confirmation  retreat

 We went on our retreat on Tuesday , 29th of January of 2019 . We went to the Pastoral Centre where Keith Kelly  kindly gave us our Confirmation retreat . He kindly welcomed us and then told us his backstory . Afterwards we had our small lunch and then made our confession with our local priest Fr.Benny who  also said mass. Keith Kelly then told us about the Eucharist and explained other important parts of mass.  It was a lovely day that we all enjoyed in the run up to our Confirmation Day.

The confirmation Day                                                                                                                                       Sixth class made their Confirmation on Saturday 16th of Feb 2019. We had to be at the church at 11:15 am and the mass started at 12:00. We all took our pictures with our sponsors, and after took a picture with our class. The bishop confirming us was Most Rev. Michael Neary. Two girls from our class did the responsorial psalm.We had a great day and were delighted to receive the Holy Spirit. We enjoyed our journey preparing for the Confirmation and have lovely scrapbooks that we have worked on since September to treasure as keepsakes.


6th class of 2019 are taking part in the junior entrepreneur programme (J.e.p). We came up with an idea for a  product and 6 of these products were picked to go forward to dragons den.After  a lot of hard work, rethinking many products and preparing our presentations we were all ready to present our products and presentations to mr Naughton, mrs Cronin and nele uska .After 2 hours of presenting our products the dragons decided on the product minimals. On Monday the 5/3/19  mr naughton gave us the loan of €110. And we are all looking forward to starting  our business.

Scoil Chroí Naofa Students’ Council 2017-2018

Sixth class pupils are members of the Students’ Council. The aim of the Student Council in our school is :

  • to give a voice to the student body
  • to make positive changes to our school
  • to promote the Irish language.

The Students Council advertise their events and activities on their noticeboard which is situated in the school hall.

Students’ Council Activities 2017-2018

Annual June Bake Sale

This years bake sale was in aid of the Athenry Tidy Towns Committee. It was a fun-filled event with face painting, tattoo artistry, slime and guessing how many sweets were in a glass jar! And of course, mountains of buns, cakes, pastries and delicious treats baked by the sixth class girls and a lot of very generous parents. Check out the June blog for lots more photos.

Sports Day June 20th

The Students Council organised a fantastic Sports Day for the staff and children of the school at the end of the school year. They set up stations all around Kenny Park and ran off the activities at each station with great enthusiasm and spirit. From penalty kickouts to ball skills, from obstacle courses to archery, the kids of the school had a brilliant experience and a very memorable day.

Statue of Our Lady

The Students Council, in partnership with the Athenry Tidy Towns, planted new flowers at Marys Grotto on the church Grounds in June.


Mrs Monson’s 6thclass took part this year in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP) for the second time. JEP is an entrepreneurial awareness & skills enhancement programme for primary school children over a 12 week period. The children were encouraged to become critical thinkers, to identify a diverse range of strengths and talents, to engage in teamwork and collaboration and to reflect on their learning. This programme brings real life business learning to children. It nurtures creativity, independence and problem solving among the pupils. Over the 12 weeks the children came up with their own business ideas out of which five ideas were selected. The ideas were presented to our three dragons: Mrs Neylon, Mrs Cronin and Victoria McDermott from Athenry Antiques. The winning product chosen was Slime Surprise. The next phase was design and costings. The school gave a start up loan of €400. Then there was a very busy week of production where the 6thclass room was turned into a hive of activity. Finally the product was showcased and sold to the whole school and the girls raised over €1,700. They paid back their €400 loan and paid an extra €80 on expenses. The remaining profits were divided between the 6thclass girls. Each girl has made €40 approx. It was a fantastic programme and an overall great learning experience for all involved.  The class have been awarded a flag, a plaque and certificates in recognition of all their commitment, dedication and hard work.

Jumpers for Peru

Sixth Class were  extremely busy in the second term knitting jumpers and hats for babies and toddlers in Peru in South America. These babies are called the ‘fish and chip’ babies because when they are born they are wrapped in newspaper to keep them warm as their families are extremely poor. Aine Hardiman in Sixth Class has an aunt working in Peru (Sr Eileen) who was delighted to bring these very special gifts back with her when she returned to Peru after a trip home to Ireland. The girls were kindly assisted by the Athenry Knitting Club. What a wonderful project!


Raffle for the Lourdes Pilgrimage Trust

The committee organised an Easter Raffle in aid of this very worthy cause. They raised 812 euro in total and presented the cheque to Maureen Cannon at morning assembly. Our contribution funded the trip to Lourdes for one very deserved child from Athenry and we are very proud of the philanthropic efforts of our Students Council.


Sixth Class launched Superliners in the second term to help to encourage the children in each class to exit and enter our school building, before and after breaks, in a safe and orderly fashion. Their aim is to catch children using kind hands and kind feet whilst on their way to the yards and to award points daily to each class. The class with the most points at the end of each fortnight is given a prize by the Students Council. 


Grandparents Day January 31st 2018

The Students Council were on hand on Grandparents Day to escort the grandparents to the various classrooms around the school.

Our Community Link

The Students Council, directed by their teacher, Mrs Monson, encourage us to take part in local projects and competitions. In September they notified us of a very exciting photography competition whereby pupils were asked to take photos of an aspect of Athenry. The winning entries were put together to create a beautiful calendar showcasing the beauty of our town. Sophie and Amelie from Sixth Class were two of the 12 lucky pupils chosen to have their photographs included in the calendar. 

Decorating Athenry for Christmas

Sixth Class were very busy the first week in December creating handmade baubles to decorate various Christmas Trees around Athenry town. They worked hand in hand with the Athenry Tidy Towns Committee and have greatly enhanced Athenry for Christmas.


Mrs Monson’s 6th class took part this year in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP) for the first time. JEP is an entrepreneurial awareness & skills enhancement programme for primary school children over a 12 week period. The children were encouraged to become critical thinkers, to identify a diverse range of strengths & talents, to engage in teamwork & collaboration and to reflect on their learning. Over the 12 weeks the children came up with their own business ideas out of which five ideas were selected. The ideas were presented to our three dragons: Mrs Cronin, Mrs O’ Sullivan and Sarah Walls from Gúna Geal. It was a great day. The winning products chosen were “Choc Pops” and “Easter cups”. The next phase was design and costings. The school gave a start up loan of €300. Then it was a very busy two weeks of production where the 6th class room was turned into a hive of activity. Finally the products were showcased & sold to the whole school and the girls raised over €1,400. They paid back their €300 loan to the school and donated €200 to Athenry Cancer Care. The remaining profits will be divided between the 6th class girls. Each girl has made €45 approx. It was a fantastic programme and an overall  great learning experience for all involved. Special thanks to Shane O’Neill of SolarHomes who shared his Entrepreneurial Story with the girls. Thanks also to staff, parents and children who supported 6th class by purchasing their product.



Sixth class pupils are members of the Student Council. The aim of the Student Council is to give a voice to the student body, to make positive changes to our school and to promote the Irish language. The following officials who have been elected: Lauren Crimmins (Chairperson), Alanagh O’Mahony (Vice-Chairperson), Kayla Donnelly (Secretary), Sophie Murphy and Michelle Gyamera (Treasurers).

Here is some of their activities from over the year:

  • A Student Council noticeboard is on display in the hall. A box has been placed nearby to encourage pupils to put forward suggestions to the Council
  • They taught Irish phrases to the pupils every week.
  • They continued the Superliner Competition.
  • They assist in the paired reading initiative where they read with a child in Junior Infants for a story session.
  • They were a great help in assisting parents and children onto the school grounds via the safe route.
  • They assisted the staff in implementing our Healthy Eating Policy.
  • They organised a variety of fun activities for our Sports Day.
  • They held their annual Bake Sale to fund burgers/hot dogs for all the children on Sports Day.
  • They taught P.E. to all the classes during Active School Week.
  • They created an Art Gallery where children could display Art & Craft projects completed at home.
  • They organised a collection for the Syrian Refugees.
  • They participated in a SCN Election to coincide with the National Elections. Fianna Flower were the winning party. The following was their manifesto;
  • Requests for Teddy Bear Picnic
  • More trips to park
  • Not to wear school uniforms at end of school year
  • To be allowed to have elastic bands in the yard
  • To be allowed to bring in their pets
  • To get rid of soap bars and that soap dispensers from 3rd up to 6th would not be watered down
  • A mirror to be put in 2nd and 4th class toilet areas.
  • A recommendation was made for a noticeboard to display children’s outstanding work created at home.
  • More games in the yard and PE equipment to be brought out.
  • Scarecrow to be dressed and returned to its patch
  • Repeat of a special Butterfly project
  • The first eight requests were honoured to date!!

History of the Students Council

The Scoil Chroí Naofa Students’ Council was established in March 2011 and is comprised of sixth class pupils. The aims of the Student Council at that time and continues to be:

  • To be a voice for the student body of the school
  • To make positive changes to the school environment
  • To promote the Irish language in the school

Student Council Meetings

The council convenes a meeting at various intervals each term, making recommendations to the school principal after each meeting and recording all recommendations, suggestions, ideas and decisions in the Students Council Minutes Book. A typical meeting lasts for around 45 minutes and involves reading through the suggestions that have been made by other classes in the school in relation to improving the school or organising new events.


Student Council Noticeboard

A Student Council noticeboard has been erected in the school hall to keep the student body updated on council events and each class has been given a suggestions box to encourage the pupils to put forward their ideas and suggestions as to how to improve the school. All suggestions are recorded in the Students Council Minutes Book. A photo of the Students Council members features on the noticeboard as well as the aims of the council.

Promoting the Irish Language in our school

Each Wednesday morning, as part of Irish assembly, one member from the council teaches an Irish phrase to the rest of the student body. These Irish frásaí are then displayed on the Council Noticeboard as visible above. Here are some of the phrases that have been taught to the pupils over the years:

  • Stop é sin !!
  • Dia duit
  • Téim chuig Scoil Chroí Naofa
  • Slán leat
  • Tóg go bog é
  • Tá tart orm
  • D’ith mé mo lón
  • Conas atá tú
  • Caith sa bhosca brúscar é
  • Tá mo lón ite agam
  • Tá an t-Earrach ann
  • Is brea liom Gaeilge
  • Go n-éirí leat !
  • Tá sé in am don lón
  • Labhair gaeilge liom
  • Tá seachtain na gaeilge linn ! SNAG
  • Tá an bosca bruscair lán
  • Cáisce shona duit
  • Léigh mé leabhar
  • Tá an t-am istigh


Here is a picture of Annabelle teaching a frása to the school:


The Students Council supports local and international charities through their annual bakesale

Each year, the Students Council organises a bakesale in the last term of school to raise awareness of and money for worthy charities. Council members bake a range of buns, cakes and biscuits to sell at their stalls. They also set up game stalls to give the children of the school a chance to win prizes. Every class is given an opportunity to buy treats over the course of the day. The Students Council is always wonderfully supported by the parents of the school who have donated generously to the bakesale since it commenced. Below are some pictures from bakesales over the years.

4 5 6This is a picture of the 2012-2013 council presenting the bakesale cheque of over 700 euro to a representative from Cancer Care West


Superliners Yard Competition

Superliners is an inter-class competition we run on a daily basis in order to promote safe and orderly class lines entering and exiting the school yards. Each week two members of the council are given the task of judging the lines after each break and assigning scores ranging from 1-5 to each class. The class with the most points after each fortnight is given a prize and their class name is displayed on our noticeboard. Each classroom is given a Superliners reminder poster at the beginning of each school year as shown below.



We publish newsletters

The Students Council compiles and publishes a newsletter for the student body twice yearly. This newsletter keeps students up-to-date with our activities in school. We also create a fun section for students to complete. Have a look at the two newsletters below to get an idea of what we do.

91011 10






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