Student Council Newsletter Issue 1

Issue 1 Sept.2015

Student’s Council Newsletter!

Hello and welcome back everybody from the new Student’s Council.  We hope you all had a wonderful Summer,  despite the weather.

For those of you who are new to the school we would like to introduce ourselves. We are 6th class and the new Student’s Council. The Student’s Council was set up in 2011 by Mrs Cronin’s 6th class,   We are delighted to continue the great work of this fantastic committee.

It is the Student’s Council’s responsibility to give a voice to the students of Scoil Chroi Naofa.  We do this by encouraging students ,young and not so young , to come forward with suggestions that they believe will make our school a better place for all children and teachers .

A Student’s Council noticeboard is on display in the hall along with a suggestions box which we encourage all student’s to use. Although we cannot guarantee all requests will be answered ,  we will certainly read them all and do our best to represent the students.

So far this year we are

  • Teaching an Irish phrase at Assembly every Wednesday morning (LÁ GAEILGE) to the school .


  • Starting our Superliners competition with Junior and Senior classes.Prize for straightest lines going in and out of the yard at break times.


  • Updating our school gallery outside Mrs Neylon’s office with various artwork from all classes monthly.


  • Painting over all yard games in bottom and top yard to brighten and freshen them up for the children.


  • Minding different classes to during break times for big lunch and small breaks.


We have a lot more ideas for the year and look forward to suggestions from the students in Scoil Chroi Naofa. We will keep you updated regularly with our newsletters.



So! Whats our 1st main project?    Turn over to see………

Help Us to Help Them

Syrian Refugees

We,  the Student’s Council, want to do our part in helping with the refugee crisis. We have decided to gather as many items as possible that can be made into care packages for the Refugees.

We feel it is important that the children in Scoil Chroi Naofa are aware of what is happening and can themselves feel as if they are doing something to help those in such  need .

We have teamed up with Sara Walls in Gúna Geal who is the collection point in Athenry and ask you to help us in collecting the following items

Toothbrushes                                 Nappies

Toothpaste                                      Sudocrem

Sponges                                           Vaseline

Facecloths                                      Wipes

Soap                                                 Hairbrushes

Plasters                                          Hair ties

Other items that you may think of yourself. There will be boxes in the hall with pictures of each of these items on them. If you bring in something that does not have its own designated box, please place in box marked OTHER ITEMS.

We will be collecting up until Tuesday 29th September.

This is Not a clothes collection. The next Cash for Clobber will take place just before the Halloween holidays.


Please Help Us To Help Them.

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