Stand Up, Stand Strong, Stand Together

This year’s Anti-Bullying week ran from 17th-21st of November. Every morning we found out about different types of bullying in assembly. We learned about physical bullying, cyber bullying, social bullying and verbal bullying. The 6th class girls performed a play every morning showing us each type of bullying in action.

Each class took part in a Random Act of Kindness project. Each morning we all picked a name out of a basket and we did our best to be kind to that person all day.

During Anti-Bullying week, the Diversity Committee had six buddies on the top and bottom yard. The job of the buddies was to make sure that everybody was being included in games and enjoying their break. Remember, be a buddy not a bully!

Mrs. Hennessy’s class  ran an art competition. Each class made posters to promote kindness and show that we are against bullying.

Our class created a notice board with our class slogan, “Stand up, Stand Strong, Stand together” We drew around our shoes and decorated them and then arranged them on the notice board.

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On Friday, we all wore blue to school to represent that we all stand together to make sure that there is no bullying in our school.


Katelyn, Julia, Jasmine, Shannon, Sandra, Rosemary, Abigail, Leonore, Amelia and Charlotte

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