Engineering Speakers and Events

Engineer’s week 2020

The children are all excited to become Engineer’s this week. We had a very exciting Lego workshop into our school to teach us all about the different types of engineers. We got to make electric cars from Lego. It was great fun to imagine, design and create!! Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for some video footage!

Engineering workshop in 4th Class!!

Fourth class got to use different materials to make dams!!

Engineer’s Week is launched!!

Miss Tyrell launched EW at assembly this morning and we are very excited at what’s to come over the next few days. Many engineers will visit our school to talk to us about their work and some classes on going on site visits. Sixth Class helped Ms Tyrell by describing the work of many different types of engineers and Junior Infants sang us a wonderful song about engineering. Keep an  on our YouTube channel next week when we upload some of the fun!

Lego Workshop

The senior infants in Room 8 got an early taste of Engineering week today when they got to take part in a Lego workshop.

Everyone had to follow a plan, find the right pieces and sometimes help each other to build a motorised car!

Everyone had great fun and there was definitely some Lego experts and budding future engineers making an appearance!

Kicking off Engineer Week in Rm 5:Senior Infants

We were so excited about having the Lego Workshop visiting our school! We were making so many guesses as to what we might build but no one guessed it would be an electric car!!!

First we learned all about the work that engineers do and they about how electric cars help our environment, it was very interesting!

Then we were EACH given a box of Lego and instructions and off we went building our little electric cars. Take a look at the pictures to see how we got on!!! 


Visiting Engineers

A Visiting Mechanical Engineer by Second Class

Colga Coyle ( Eva’s and Hannah’s Dad) visited our class this morning. It was really interesting listening to him. He had a powerpoint prepared and showed it to the girls. He talked about all the different types of engineers who work nowadays. His first picture was of an old steam engine. It was very funny. We saw lots of beautiful cities with amazing buildings like, London, Paris and Singapore. He showed us the instruments he makes in Aerogen, in Galway. They make nebulisers for people with breathing problems like asthma.  These nebulisers turn liquid medicine into vapour which is easier to administer to very sick patients in hospital or to people who may have breathing problems. He showed the girls a picture of a pair of lungs and how, if you spread all the little vessels out they would cover the size of a tennis pitch. We were delighted with his visit and thanked him very much for coming to our class.

A Civil Engineering Visit for the senior classes!

Engineers Competition Winners

Zuzanna loves Engineers Week!

Look at what Zuzanna and her Dad created for Enginnees Week! An amazing lighthouse that actually lights up! Wow!

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