SCN ‘blasted off’ with Space Week

Ms Tyrrell launched Space Week in SCN on Tuesday morning at assembly. 

Mr Byrne was on hand as ‘Andy the Astronaut’ to help demonstrate how difficult it is for astronauts to live in outer space. As you can see from the picture, Andy was strapped into his sleeping bag on board the space station before Ms Tyrrell woke him up for assembly!

His first task was to pull on his spacesuit which is a very heavy item of clothing for astronauts .They have to wear these suits as there is no air in space and their oxygen tanks are attached to them.

Next, Andy had his breakfast which he had to eat very quickly as otherwise it would have floated away!!!

Then Andy the astronaut headed out of the space station to perform some repair work on the spacecraft he uses to travel back down to Earth

We certainly learned  a lot of information about astronauts and how difficult and challenging their job is in outer space.

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