Science Speaker/Event

Do plants need soil to grow?

As part of science week and space week, we carried out an experiment at a whole school assembly. We wanted to see Do plants need soil? Can we grow plants in Space without soil? The ESA and other space agencies are talking about growing plants on the Moon in controlled environments, for example in special greenhouses.
so we got 8 pots and we put soil in pots 1 and 2, sand in pots 3 and 4, cotton wool in pots 5 and 6 and paper towels in pots 7 and 8. We added water to pots 1,3,5 and 7. We added water with liquid plant food to pots 2,4,6 and 8. We added 2 radish seeds to each pot and put cling film over the top. We left the pots for one week in identical condition. The radish seeds grew best in the cotton wool with the plant food mix. However, the radish seeds were able to grow in all different materials. This is because the seeds already contain some nutrients for the plant to germinate, however, it will grow more slowly and eventually run out of nutrients.

Science Week

As part of Science week, Ms. Tyrrell organised a Knex workshop to come to our school for first, second and third. We had lots of fun making really cool designs.

Space Week 2019!!

Space food!!

Ms.Alani brought in space food that she got in the Kennedy Space Center. It was a packet of freeze dried strawberries that were ready to eat for astronauts in space. We were all amazed!!

Our Science Coordinator, Ms Tyrell launched Space Week at Monday Assembly. She spoke about how astronauts adapt to living in outer space when they go on space missions. Miss Feeney and Mrs Comer were willing participants in a food tasting experiment!

Skype Call with a Space Engineer!!

Aisling Shannon talks to Scoil Chroi Naofa about her career as a Structural Engineer at the European Space Agency. Aisling is based in The Netherlands. The site she works on is called ESTEC (European Space, research and Technology Centre) which is one of the 6 main sites for ESA. Her role is to ensure that the spacecraft gets to where it needs to go without breaking! The launch of a spacecraft is very tough from a mechanical perspective, lots of shaking and noise and a some loud bangs! These shocks and vibrations are the main drivers for the mechanical design of the spacecraft. It is her responsibility to ensure that every part of the spacecraft is going to be able to survive the launch. A lot of analyses are performed to confirm this before they ever build anything.

Xperimental Scientist!!

Last week, a Scientist came to visit our school. All the Infants went to the hall together to watch his fun, amazing experiments. He also told us he worked for Santa before, we were amazed!!!

4th class dissect squid!!

4th class were very lucky to take part in a Marine Explorers workshop run by Galway Atlantaquaria. 

Science Week in SCN!!

It’s Science Week in SCN! Miss Tyrell launched Science Week on Monday with the help of rockets built by the girls in Sixth Class. Each day at morning assembly, a class performs a Science experiment for the whole school and explains the science behind it. We are learning many interesting things and being challenged with some difficult questions! We are having lots of fun!!! 

Space Week in SCN!!t

This week we are celebrating World Space Week 2018 which is being co-ordinated by Ms Tyrrell. The general theme is Ireland’s first satellite. In 2020, Ireland will launch its very first satellite and it’s called EIRSAT-1. EIRSAT-1 is an astronomical satellite that will conduct 3 experiments in space. It is built by a team in UCD under the European Space Agency “Fly your Satellite” program. Students in 3rd to 6th classes are invited to enter the EIRSAT-1 Mission Patch Design Competition. Students in Junior classes can cut out and assemble their own EIRSAT-1 satellite or complete a colouring page of EIRSAT-1. Further links on EIRSAT-1 website

Here is Scoil Chroi Naofa’s very own SCN-EIRSAT satellite!!

Space Week with Senior Infants and 6th Class!!

In Senior Infants, we were so excited about Space Week! Miss. Tyrrell got us so excited when we heard about Ireland’s very first satellite being launched that we decided to make our very own satellites! We were very lucky that Mrs. Monson’s lovely 6th Class girls came to help us with the fiddly bits and helped us make a bit of coloured card into mini EirSat1’s.

We also looked at our Solar System, the planets that our there and all about Space! To celebrate this learning we made some cool Solar System headbands so we could show and tell everyone about all the things we had learned about Space!

We had so much fun this week and can’t wait for Space week next year 

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