Newsletter 06/11/2014

Scoil Chroí Naofa

Athenry, Co Galway

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Dear Parents                                                           Issue: 07                                             6th November 2014


In the interest of safety and due to 338 children on roll and 21 members of staff, parents of children in all classes are now requested to say goodbye to their children in the morning as they line up in the yard. Please keep the corridors free for the children to enter the building.


It has been noticed that there are still a number of cars entering and leaving the school grounds. The Board of Management wish to repeat that no cars are allowed on campus except in exceptional circumstances arranged with the Principal.


The staff welcome support from parents with the education of our children. If you have any skills that you wish to offer the school, e.g. Information Technology (assistance with website, school blog), Sport, Art, Music, Dance, Crochet, Embroidery, Sewing, Cooking, Baking, etc. Please contact Principal.


Congratulations to Kate  who won two All Ireland medals at the All Ireland Dancing Competition in Dublin during the Mid-term Break. She has also qualified to the World Championship which will be held in Montreal in Canada in March.


The next Mass for the Confirmation Parish Programme will take place this Sunday, 9th of November at 7.30pm. Children who are making their Confirmation are invited to attend with their parents.


The Galway Science & Technology Festival is taking place over the next two weeks which is coinciding with National Science Week. The following activities will take place;

  • Teachers will make a special effort in teaching interesting science lessons and conducting exciting experiments
  • Tom Cuffe will provide Origami Workshops for 5th & 6th class on Monday, 17th of November.
  • Conor McDonagh from Steps Ireland will be presenting an Engineering Workshop to 6th class pupils on Tuesday, 18th of November.
  • One of the science teachers with the assistance of transition year students from Presentation College will provide a circuit of simple experiments to Ms. Monaghan’s fourth class and Mrs. Hennessy’s third class on Monday, 10th and Wednesday, 12th.


The Community Medical Doctor & the School Public Health Nurse will visit the school on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 11th & 12th of November at 10am to vaccinate the children in junior infants with a second dose of the MMR vaccine and the 4 in 1 vaccine. Children in Ms. Sheridan’s class and the boys in Mrs. O’Reilly’s class will be vaccinated on Tuesday. Children in Ms. Alani’s class and the girls in Mrs. O’Reilly’s class will be vaccinated on Wednesday. It is essential that a parent/guardian attend with the child. Check school bags for forms which need to be returned, completed and signed by Monday, 10th of November. Parents may need to be prepared to wait as there may be a queue.

The Green School Committee wish to thank the school community who participated in our most enjoyable Halloween Park & Stride. They also wish to remind you about our “Monster Cash for Clobber”. If you have any of the following unwanted items, please put them in refuse bags –  Good Quality Clothing, Shoes, Belts, Towels, Curtains, Bed linen, Handbags, etc. No duvets pillows or soiled items will be accepted. The school will receive €4 for each bag. The collection will take place on Wednesday, 12th of November at 9am.


Mr. Wallace and Mrs. Hallissey have selected a number of children for coaching for Table Quiz this school year. Coaching will take place on Wednesdays in Mr. Wallace’s room from 2.30 – 3.30pm commencing this Wednesday, 12th of November.


A very sincere thank you to all parents who were present at the Parents Council AGM and who volunteered to become members of the Parent’s Council this school year. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, the 12th of November at 8pm. If you could not attend the AGM and would like to become a member, please come to the meeting. All parents are welcome to attend any meeting during the year. Please enter the building through the main school entrance.


Staff Meeting will take place on Thursday, the 13th of November. All children will go home at 1.15pm on that day.


Tin Whistles are available for purchase at the school office at a cost of €6.50.


School Ties are also available for purchase at the school office at a cost of €2.50.


This year the three senior classes, Ms. Monaghan’s, Mrs. Monson’s and Ms. Murray’s class are participating in the Hallelujah Choir Festival which will be taking place in the City West Hotel, Dublin on Friday, the 5th of December. This programme consists of 13,000 children singing a medley of songs with some dance moves over a four day period. Tickets cost €25. There are no concessions for children. If you wish to order a ticket, please sign below and forward money to the school by Tuesday, 11th of November as we are booking tickets on Wednesday the 12th of November.  If you are interested in travelling on a bus for families, please sign below as we will order the bus and notify you of cost per head.


Yours sincerely  ___________________Teresa Neylon Principal






I wish to book __________ticket/s. Enclosed is the amount of €______________.


I wish to book ___________seats on bus.


Signed: ____________________ Parent/Guardian


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