Nano and Friends Celebration

What a fantastic day we had in SCN on Friday, June the 8th to celebrate the tercentenary of our foundress, Nano Nagle. We invited the Athenry Presentation Sisters to our school to join us in marking this special occasion. Many other guests arrived including representatives from the parents council and board of management, Fr Benny and Fr Brendan and our special guest of honour, Sr Leo! We had many fun things planned to mark the day. Mrs Neylon started the day off with a special Nano assembly where Sixth Class performed the story of Nano Nagle for all the children. Lizzy from fifth was chosen as our SCN Nano for the day and played the role with aplomb. She was amazing! She was interviewed by several staff members at assembly and great fun was had by all. After break, all the classes in the school went on a Nano Nagle walking tour and adterwards went to the SCN cinema( room 11!!] where they watched a movie about how the children of SCN live out the spirit of nano in our school. They then completed various Nano inspired colouring pages and Nano mindfulness activities and lastly enjoyed a Special Nano Gloden Hour!!!!!!! We made great memories on our Nano and Friends Day!

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