May in 5th class

We all had a lovely May Bank Holiday weekend .Before the Bank Holiday our larva had changed to catepillars and formed a chrysalis.


They seemed so still for a few weeks that we thought they were dead.At the end of May we found 4 beautiful butterflies had hatched out of the chrysalis.

March 2015 145March 2015 144

We were delighted.We showed them to all the classes in the school and presented them at assembly one morning.We made nectar from water and sugar and fed them old bananas and oranges.

Then it was time to release them in Athenry park.It took some time for them to fly off.They did not want to leave our hands when we took them out of the butterfly net but with a little encouragement , after a while they flew away.We were so proud to see our fabulous butterflies that we cared for and raised fly off across the park.How proud were we.We all felt like mammies letting our young children go.

March 2015 132 March 2015 133 March 2015 135 March 2015 136 March 2015 142 March 2015 140

We then took some time out in the park.

March 2015 129 March 2015 130

We learned all about 3-D shapes in maths and had to make lots of different shapes from k’nex and study their properties.

March 2015 146March 2015 153March 2015 156March 2015 151March 2015 154


We read about the various ways people long ago used to beautify themselves in our English Reading Book.How they used kitchen products and basic ingredients.We set up our own Beauty Salon in class and everyone made their own beauty products using everyday ingredients found at home.We had great fun.We had everything in our salon from face masks,hair dye ,lip balm ,perfume, face and hand scrubs and more.Got a bit messy but was worth it.


Here is Michelle with with a yoghurt mask.

March 2015 157

Allanah is giving Kayla a n oatmeal and honey face mask.Kayla looks so relaxed.

March 2015 158

Aibhe is refreshing her eyes with some cucumber while waiting for her face mask to set.

March 2015 163

Good minds think alike.

March 2015 164

Angel looks like she is enjoying her facial.

March 2015 165



A chocolate face mask.Very popular as you can guess.

March 2015 171

Rachel dyed peoples hair different colours with her own hair dye.Don’t worry.Washes off.

March 2015 167

As you can see the 5th class beauty salon was very busy.

March 2015 170


We even hasd our own signature perfume compliments of Caoimhe.


March 2015 169

As i mentioned the chocolate face mask was very popular.Had to stop ourselves from eating it.

March 2015 177


We all looked so beautiful and fresh after the day.




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