Maths Week October 14th – 22nd 2017

Rosemary from 6th class wrote a fantastic Maths Story as part of Mathsweek and her friend, Leonore typed it up! This is a must read…….


I have learned to value what I have, plus I love everything but a fraction of me loves every day.

This is my story,

I woke up this morning and hit me alarm clock with such force the hands landed at an acute angle .I ran downstairs and felt the temperature increase by about seven degrees. The window suddenly burst open and the north wind roared. The noise was deafening. I felt the temperature decrease. I ran to school and made it in by half a second. I trudged to my first lesson in the cookery unit. The teacher said that we were approximately 3 minutes late and started ordering everyone around. Less than 3 seconds later, she decided to divide us into groups of 4 but there was thirty one of us, so she had to add someone to another group. More than an hour later, I was in Maths and we were learning about calculations, area, perimeter and data. It was a lot to learn but it was fun, well our sums were equally fun, but a huge percentage of the class had forgotten. I estimated around 2% had forgotten, but a humongous 75% had forgotten. My teacher stood there fighting back tears of disappointment. A quarter of an hour later, we all trooped out and went to the cafeteria and saw that there was a discount on the rice and curry. I had just bought a new lunch-box product and found it was a waste, plus I don’t like rice and curry. After lunch, we went to geography and the digits slowly clicked forward. There is multiple differences between art (which is my favourite subject) and geography. I left an hour later and went to chemistry. In chemistry we had to measure the weight, length and capacity of a model house shaped like a cone. The volume of the class rose so much I wouldn’t be surprised if I found a clock going clockwise turned anti-      clockwise because it got so loud. When I was walking home I set the coordinates of the house. The factor of the numbers was seven. When I was half way home, I found a pound (the English currency) right in front of a shop, laying on the ground, but I didn’t spend it instead I ran home  ,passed an intersection which made a right angle and ran the rest of the way home


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