Maths Experiments and Activities

Maths Week 2019 has been lots of fun!!

Math trails, maths games, maths puzzles, maths Art, Beebots, Maths quiz, Maths word problem, Maths App challenges and sooo much more!!! Take a look!!

The Green school committee were busy using their maths skills, to find out the percentage of children and staff who had reusable drink bottles and lunchboxes.

Fourth class were busy recording the temperatures in each room in Scoil Chroí Naofa.

Using our maths skills to record how far our rockets flew!!

It’s not Rocket Science!!Well, actually it is.We learnt all about rockets in Sixth Class and how they work.We then made foam rockets in our Science class.However, the real fun was in flying them in the school yard.We held competitions to see whose rocket would fly the highest. We recorded how far our rockets went using measuring tapes and rulers. They travelled far higher than we expected.Some even ended up on the roof of the school.Thankfully due to their light weight and the wind they blew back down to us.Written by Sixth Class 

The Hungry Caterpillar visits Senior Infants!

This week we are reading the story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. It’s such a lovely story and there’s even a lovely animated version of the story online that we watched!

We talked about all the different things the Caterpillar ate! We used our maths skills and put them in the order of the days of the week, sequencing it just like the story!

We then got creative – cutting and gluing the pictures of the food into the correct days of the week! Take a look at how we got on: 

Measuring Madness in Senior Infants!!

Last week we were learning all about length and measuring. We were using items like cubes, dominoes, paper clips and counters as our units of measurement.

Before we did any measuring we made our estimates, this means an educated guess.

Ms. Moloney also measured all of us so we could see how tall we all are! 

Creating patterns during maths week using leaves and petals.

First class had fun creating patterns during maths week using leaves and petals.

Senior Infants learning about heavy and light and investigating floating and sinking!

Senior Infants showed us in assembly how far germs spread!!

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