Maya, our resident Scientist!

Maya from 2nd Class created this fantastic video as a part of ReelLIFE SCIENCE and HOME Video Competition. You just have to watch this!!!!! What a professional performance and delivery! We wish her the very best of luck in the competition.

Sarahs Slime Adventure on RTE!!

Click on this link to watch Sarah from Ms O’Byrne’s explain how she made slime on RTE home school Hub!! Shes a natural on screen! Wow!!

Making Gloop with First Class!

Primary colours

Juniors and Senior infants learnt all about the primary colours. They had great fun mixing colours together to paint their colour wheel.

Slime fun in 2019!!

We loved making slime! We used shaving foam, glue, eye solution and food colouring.

Wibbly Wobbly Jelly!

Today in Ms Alani’s Senior Infant Class we made some raspberry jelly!

Junior Infants Amazing Triangles!!

In Ms. Tyrrell’s class, we had great fun making shapes with marshmallows and matchsticks. We were pretending to be engineers and we built some amazing shapes. We learnt that shapes made from triangles are the strongest.

Fizzy Rockets fun with 2nd and 3rd class!!

When water is added to the tablet, the gas carbon dioxide is released. The pressure of the carbon dioxide gas builds up inside the canister until it becomes so great that it blows the lid from the canister. This great fun to watch but remember to stand back!!

3rd and 4th having fun making gloop!!

We used cornflour, water and food colouring to make gloop. The ooze is made up of tiny, solid particles of corn flour suspended in water. This type of mixture is called a colloid. It behaves strangely!! If you stir a cup of tea with a spoon, the tea moves out of the way easily, no matter whether you stir it quickly or slowly. But the colloid will resist the movement if you stir it quickly.

Slime fun!!!

We love making slime in Scoil Chroí Naofa!! Here is 2nd and 3rd making slime. We used shaving foam, optrex solution and food colouring. We had lots of fun playing and stretching the slime!!

Red Cabbage Rules!!

An indicator is a chemical that changes colour when an acid or alkali is added to it. We made our own indicator by using red cabbage water. Red cabbage has pigments that react differently to acids and alkalis. Acids usually turn red/pink, alkalis turn blue/green, neutral for cabbage water is purple. We had great fun in 3rd and 4th figuring out what liquids were acid or alkaline.

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