March in 5th class

At the beginning of March, 5th class took a trip to the Athenry Heritage Centre.We had a fantastic tour where we got to dress up in Medieval costumes and act out scenes  from the past.Some of us got to dress up as medieval ladies, others as peasants and knights.We loved dressing up.

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Sinead and Martyna were our king and queen. Caoimhe was knighted by Sinead although I don’t think she trusted her with the sword.

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Alannah and Lauren were caught fighting on the streets so had to do some time together to work things out.

March 2015 020

Things are not looking too good for Kayla,Roisin and Sarah.

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We finished up with a race through the maze garden outside and archery.

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We had a great time at the Heritage Centre.

Jan  2015 176

We finished our Norman castles.Dr Jim McKeown came back to judge the 7 castles.It was not an easy job.Here are our finished castles.I have to say we are very proud of them.

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And the WINNER is………

Jan  2015 127 Well done Abbie,Rachel.Gemma and Michelle.

We are currently working on a new project with the ladies from the knitting club.It is a knitted wall display of Athenry Castle.We hope to present this to Mrs Neylon and the school in May.Next month you will see the finished result.Looking good so far.

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We ran the Easter Raffle in the school.We are collecting money to help send children with special needs to Lourdes.Maureen Cannon(one of our Knitting ladies) is very involved with this charity and goes to Lourdes every Easter.We were delighted to help her again this year to raise money.She gave us a giant Easter egg to raffle and here we are making up lots of additional Easter hampers full of knitted chicks ,eggs and other beautiful knitted items which we have made ourselves.


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Some people got a little carried away and started decorating themselves.

March 2015 068

We raised over 600 euro and we were delighted with all the support from children,staff and parents.Here is our raffle table of goodies.We had the raffle the day of the Easter holidays.Loads of happy winners.

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Guess who won the big Easter egg?

March 2015 056

Well done Kayla.

Some teachers won too.

March 2015 061 March 2015 059

We were very proud of Michelle who came second in the Athenry Community Games Art and Craft competition.Here she is at the award cermony and with the other winners from our school.Well done Michelle.

March 2015 044 March 2015 045


We started football training with John from the F.A.I.this month.

March 2015 039March 2015 072

We are studying Poland in Geography this month and Nicola and her mother were very busy preparing delicious Polish food for our class.We loved tasting the different sweet and savoury foods Nicola brought in.

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