Living Things

Budding Scientists!!

Mr. Kelly’s 5th and 6th class examining how sunflowers, marigolds and poppies disperse their seeds in autumn.

Germs experiment!!

Mrs Murray and Claire from fifth class demonstrated how germs spread if we don’t cover our sneezes!! They used cornflour, a balloon and a needle to show us how germs go everywhere if you don’t cover your mouth!

Planting cress seeds in Room 3

Do plants need light to grow?

The Junior Infants in Ms.Tyrrell’s class planted some cress seeds. We put one pot in a dark cupboard and one pot in the light. We gave them both water everyday. Look at our results!! The pot in the cupboard grew but it went all yellow. The pot in the light grew nice and tall and green. Therefore plants do need light to grow tall and healthy with nice green leaves. We were so excited with our cress seeds.

Planting daffodils in Junior Infants room 3.

Do plants need soil to grow?

As part of science week and space week, we carried out an experiment at a whole school assembly. We wanted to see Do plants need soil? Can we grow plants in Space without soil? The ESA and other space agencies are talking about growing plants on the Moon in controlled environments, for example in special greenhouses.
so we got 8 pots and we put soil in pots 1 and 2, sand in pots 3 and 4, cotton wool in pots 5 and 6 and paper towels in pots 7 and 8. We added water to pots 1,3,5 and 7. We added water with liquid plant food to pots 2,4,6 and 8. We added 2 radish seeds to each pot and put cling film over the top. We left the pots for one week in identical condition. The radish seeds grew best in the cotton wool with the plant food mix. However, the radish seeds were able to grow in all different materials. This is because the seeds already contain some nutrients for the plant to germinate, however, it will grow more slowly and eventually run out of nutrients.

Ms Alani’s senior Infants went on a beautiful nature walk around the school grounds on Friday the 13th of September.

Minibeast hunt!! The Juniors had great fun looking for minibeasts! We found lots of spiders!!

How daffodils feed

Science Experiment

In the last few weeks, we have seen lots of new flowers growing. This is because Spring is finally starting to arrive.

One type of flower we notice a lot is the Daffodil. It’s is such a beautiful, tall colourful flower. Miss Feeney has lots of them growing in her garden so she brought some in to display in our room. That’s when we decided to figure out how they grow big and tall by feeding on the water and nutrients they find in the soil.

We watched a powerpoint on the parts of a daffodil, it’s roots and bulb live under the soil, it shoots up and grows a very tall green stem, then when it flowers it has beautiful yellow petals and a trumpet.

To show how the daffodil feeds on water, Miss Feeney added red food colouring to a vase of water and told us to check the daffodils the next morning.

This is what was waiting for us………….. AMAZING!

Senior Infants- Room 8

The senior infants of Room 8 are taking part in the Grow It Yourself program this year. Every member of the class will have a chance to grow their own vegetables from seed. Some will grow tomatoes, others will grow peas, while a third group will try and grow cress.

The first seeds were planted today and the whole class is very excited to see our seeds progress over the coming weeks!




Junior Infants-In Room 2 we planted a variety of seeds!!

We had a variety of seeds that we planted and we are now watering them and making sure they have enough sunlight.We planted a variety of herbs, carrots, radish, cucumber, aubergines and a lot more. It was great fun and we are excited to see them grow!!

More planting in Junior Infants: Room 3

We had great fun today planting our cress seeds in Room 3. We are learning all about plants and what they need to grow. We are very excited to see our seeds grow.

4th class dissect squid!!

4th class were very lucky to take part in a Marine Explorers workshop run by Galway Atlantaquaria. Padraic Creedon visited the class for two mornings where the class learnt lots about marine wildlife and protecting the marine environment. It all tied in nicely with our application for our 8th green flag on the marine environment. On the 2nd morning of the workshop, the girls got to dissect squid!! It was not for the faint hearted but the girls showed great enthusiasm and really enjoyed it!

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