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Scoil Chroí Naofa

Athenry, Co Galway

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Dear Parents                                     Issue: 08                                  November 16th 2016


Thank you all for generously supporting our Monster Cash for Clobber collection. The sum of €500 approx was raised which will go towards school funds.


Congratulations to two girls from sixth class who were awarded prizes in the Little Bird Toy Shop Halloween Art Competition. Jasmine Treacy was awarded 1st place and Jayne Larkin 2nd place in the 11-16 year old category. They won a number of free Art Classes.


Anti Bullying Week is taking place this week. The theme this year is Power for Good. The aim is to support children to use their power for good by helping them understand ways in which they are powerful and how as individuals or together in a group they can take action to stop bullying. They will also be encouraged to create safe places, to behave in a positive way towards others, to use their words positively, and to avoid online activity that could be harmful. Morning assembly will focus on this theme and the staff will teach many interesting lessons on this topic.


The following are a list of activities that are taking place:

  • There is an assembly every morning where we focus on the definition of bullying, different types of bullying (physical, verbal, social and cyber), the role of the bystander, bully and victim.
  • Children learn five ways to solve a bullying incident using the helping hand diagram, i.e. No, Walk away, Make noise, Tell someone and Bang the bully is gone.
  • They learn about five people to approach when looking for help using the other helping hand diagram, i.e. Teacher, Principal, Parents, Friend, or Someone special.
  • Some staff and children dramatise a sketch, highlighting the different types of bullying.
  • Other classes contribute by sharing songs, stories and poems.




  • Children recite the anti bullying pledge each day.
  • Bullying is Wrong!
  • I will not be a bully.
  • I will be kind, gentle and respectful.
  • I will treat everyone fairly.
  • I will always be helpful and friendly.
  • I will always tell the truth.
  • I will not hurt anyone.
  • I will not stop any child from playing with other children.
  • I will tell an adult if I see someone being hurt.
  • I will use my Power for Good.


  • The staff are teaching lessons from the following programmes; Fun Friends, Friends for Life, Zippy’s Friends, Stay Safe, Power for Good Resource Pack, www.webwise.ie/myselfie.
  • Staff and children make suggestions on how our school can become a kinder and more positive place to learn and work .
  • The Student Council built a Friendship Tree using positive comments and pictures written on leaves from all the staff and children.
  • The Diversity Committee are present on the playground at both breaks wearing their yellow bibs. Their role is to buddy children in the yard.
  • Homework is given to children each night and discussed the following day e.g. how did you show kindness to your Mum, Dad, sisters and or brothers.
  • The Caring Kids’ Award will be presented to children who make a special effort in being extra kind.
  • The teachers are selecting other activities with their classes such as Random Act of Kindness (secret friend), Art work (Supertrooper masks), Sorry Box, Smile more often, Give your Best Smile, Pay it, Give compliments etc.
  • Friday will be called blue Friday where staff, children and parents are encouraged  to wear blue as a statement of peace and solidarity in support of creating school community where people will use their power for good to stand up to bullying and to be a friend for others. Children may choose not to wear uniforms as long as they dress in blue.
  • There are three free downloadable booklets available from the website [email protected] to guide parents on cyber bullying


The next Parents Council Meeting will take place tonight, Wednesday, the 16th of November at 8pm. If you could not attend the AGM and would like to become a member, please come to the meeting. All parents are welcome to attend any meeting during the year.

Ms. Alani will provide Art Club to 2nd, 3rd & 4th classes on Wednesdays, commencing today from 2.30 – 3.30pm for 6 weeks at a cost of €30.

Ms Tyrrell is providing a Science Club for children in 1st class, over a 5 week period.


The Galway Science & Technology Festival is taking place this week also coinciding with National Science Week. Ms Tyrrell, our Science Co-ordinatior has invited the BUG Doctor to provide workshops for the children from Junior Infants to second class, tomorrow, Thursday the 17th of November.

Please also find attached a family ticket for the Galway Science & Technology Festival which will take place this weekend in NUIG.


The Parents Council have signed our school up for the Christmas Card Fund-raiser with www.designacard.ie again this year. Each child has been given the opportunity to design their own Christmas card.  A sample of their designs was sent home last week to give you the option to purchase a pack of Christmas cards designed by your child. If you wish to order some packets, please complete details on the envelope and enclose money. Return to school by this Friday, the 18th of November. A percentage of sales will go towards school funds and be used by the Parents’ Council to fund buses, workshops, treats for different occasions etc.


Parents are invited to a special Mass with the children and staff on Presentation Day, Monday, the 21st of November at 10.00a.m in the Church. The Board of Management will kindly provide refreshments for all the pupils to acknowledge this occasion as Scoil Chroí Naofa is a Presentation school. The staff and children wish all the Presentation Sisters in Athenry a very happy special feast day.


The Community Medical Doctor and Nurse will visit on Tuesday and Wednesday the 22nd & 23rd of November to vaccinate the Junior Infants with a 2nd dose of the M.M.R. vaccine and the 4 in 1 vaccine. Children may wear loose sleeved clothing (T-shirt). The Immunisation Team strongly advise that a parent or a nominated adult will attend with each child at the appointed time. All consent forms need to be returned to the school by this Friday.


Congratulations to the following children from each class who made a special effort to speak Irish during the month of October: Kevin Mannion, Jamie Dillon, Klaudia Malaca, Bríd O’Rourke, Tamia Kelly, Eve Murray, Anna Rohan, Alan Szastak, Cadhla Dooley, Lauren Williams, Sinéad O’Mahony & Eva Coye.



All the children and staff are working extremely hard for our Gala Christmas School Concerts which take place every two years in the Assembly Hall. Please note the dates and days of when your child/children will be performing. Performances will commence at 7pm sharp on each evening.


Tues Dec 13th Wed Dec 14th Thurs Dec 15th
Junior Infants A (Ms O’Byrne) Junior Infants B   (Ms Sheridan) Senior Infants C           (Ms Tyrrell)
Senior Infants A (Mr Hanley) Senior Infants B (Mrs Murray) 1st & 2nd Class              (Ms Monaghan)
1st Class         (Ms Alani) 1st Class               (Mr Wallace) 3rd Class             (Mrs Hennessey)
2nd Class         (Mr McDonald) 4th Class              (Mrs Greally) 6th Class              (Mrs Monson)
5th Class         (Ms Murray)



Diary Dates

  • MMR vaccine for Junior Infants on the 22nd & 23rd of November.
  • Two senior classes attending the High School Musical in Clarin College on the 1st of December.
  • Lighting of the Christmas Tree on Friday the 2nd of December at 6.30pm.
  • Two senior classes attending the All Shook Up Musical in Presentation College on the 7th of December.
  • Parent Teacher Meetings scheduled for the 25th & 26th of January 2017.





Yours sincerely   ______________________________Teresa Neylon, Principal

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