Letter (7) 03122019

Dear Parents                                                    Issue: 07                                                         December 3rd 2019

Band & Lighting of Christmas Tree:

Congratulations to all the children who performed at The Lighting of the Christmas Tree last Friday. The children put a lot of hard work into preparing for this performance. The staff are very proud of them all. A very sincere thank you to all of you who supported us, and to the Parents’ Council who provided refreshments for the children.


Congratulations to Mr Hanley’s 1st class! They are the winners of the trophy for Best Attendance for the month of November!

Fighting Words:

Mr McDonald’s 3rd class are attending a “Fighting Words” workshop in the Nuns Island theatre on Friday December 6th in Galway city. The girls will be travelling to Galway on the train – sincere thanks to the Parents council for funding the cost of the train for the girls.

Please note: it will be 3pm before the girls will be back at the school after their trip. Please make sure that whoever is collecting the girls is aware of this.

Christmas Concerts:                                                                                                

This year the Christmas concerts will take place during the school day.

Below is the schedule of what time each concert takes place.

Highlights from each of the concerts will be recorded and shared on the school YouTube channel

Parents are permitted to record the play, but please ensure it is for personal use only.

  • Tuesday Dec 17th: Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st class & 2nd class
    • Each teacher will let the children know what they should wear for the concert
    • Parents should assemble in the hall at the designated start time and will be brought to the classroom when the children are ready to perform.
    • Each concert will take place in the classroom, so be aware that space will be limited
      • 9am – 10am: Miss Tyrrell Junior Infants & Miss Feeney’s Jun/Sen Infants
      • 10am – 11am: Mr Hanley 1st class and Miss O’Byrne 1st / 2nd class
      • 11am – 12pm: Mrs Comer Junior Infants & Mrs Murray’s Senior Infants
      • 12pm – 12.45pm: Ms Alani’s Senior Infants
      • 12.45pm – 1.30pm: Miss Dolan’s 1st class
  • Wednesday Dec 18th: 3rd class, 4th class, 5th class & 6th class
    • 9.30am – 10.15am: recital of Peace Proms songs and Christmas carols will take place in the hall. This is for parents of children in Mr McDonald’s, Mrs Hennessy’s, Mrs Greally’s, Miss Murray’s 5th class and Mrs Monson’s classes.
    • All children should wear their full uniform, as usual. It is okay to wear Christmas hats / hair bands, if desired.

Parents’ Council News:

Text Box:

The Parents’ Council are organising a Monster Christmas Raffle. The raffle will take place at 11am on Thursday, December 19th in our school hall. The Parents’ Council would very much appreciate if parents would like to donate items or vouchers for the raffle, which can be forwarded to the office. We would very much appreciate your support in making this a successful event. Please see details below:

  • Each family will receive one numbered card
  • Each line on the card is €2 each and each full card is worth €20
  • Cards must be returned whether filled or not
  • When card is complete, please send card and money into the secretary
  • Families can request additional cards if so desired
  • We are encouraging children to ask family and close neighbours for sponsorship as their safety is of utmost importance

All cards and money should be returned before Tuesday, December 17th, whether they are complete or not.

  • Parents’ Council meeting tonight at 8pm in the school.

School Self Evaluation:

Our school self-evaluation focus for this year is in the area of Digital Technologies. Our digital learning plan has been uploaded onto the parents’ hub. We’re delighted that this plan is working so well and that pupils are being afforded the opportunity to create focused content through:

  • Bee Bot use in the infant classrooms,
  • Story Creator in the middle classes and
  • iMovie app in the senior classes.

Thanks to all staff for their support in implementing this exciting new plan and for their engagement in the process.


  • Children are expected to wear their full School Uniform each day to school. Reviews are being carried out & parents will be contacted, where necessary. Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated.


  • Any pupil with 10 or more days of absence will be invited to come to an attendance clinic by our Education Welfare Officer (E.W.O.)

Transition Year Students:

The following Transition Year students will be on work experience in the school over the next 2 weeks: Abbie Philips, Aébfhinn O’Donoghue, Leisha Long, Helen Cannon & Alannah O’Mahony

Diary Dates:

  • Fifth and sixth class girls will be attending a matinee performance of High School Musical in Presentation College on December 5th (€3 per child)
  • Confirmation Mass: Sunday December 8th at 11am in church
  • First Communion Mass: Sunday December 15th at 11am in church
  • Christmas holidays – School closes on Friday December 20th at 11:45am, school re-opens on Monday January 6th 2020
  • An age-appropriate Internet Safety talk has been arranged for Thursday January 16th. It will be delivered to all the children from 1st class up to 6th class during the school day. It will be followed up with a Parent session that evening here in the school. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend this evening session. The facilitator of the sessions is Jeremy Pagden who comes very highly recommended.
  • Transition tests for Presentation college: Saturday January 18th 2020
  • Peace Proms concert: Sunday January 26th at 7pm in Kingfisher NUIG
  • Grandparents day will take place on Wednesday January 29th.
  • Confirmation: Saturday Feb 15th at 2.30pm
  • First Communion: Saturday May 23rd at 12 noon

After-School Clubs:

  • Ms Alani will offer Art Club to 1st class children commencing January 7th.
  • Mr Naughton will offer Guitar club to 5th & 6th class children. Details will follow after Christmas.

Community Links:

  • Annual Sale of Work in Boys School: 12.30pm Friday December 6th

Yours sincerely

Fergal Naughton


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