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Dear Parents                                                    Issue: 23                     June 20th 2017

Please forward to the class teacher a Stamped Self Addressed Envelope for each of your children’s end of year reports, if you have not already done so.


Special thanks to all of you who donated bags for the Cash for Clobber for Collection.  The sum of €330 was raised.


The Student Council also wish to thank you most sincerely for supporting their  Bake Sale in aid of the Athenry Town Committee. The sum of €1,270 was raised.


Mr. Mc Donald, Mr. Wallace, Mrs Burke and the Active School Committee wish to inform you that next week will be Active School Week.  Their slogan is Be active! Keep active! Stay active. Children may come to school in their track suits and runners for the remainder of the term. Children are encouraged to be active in their travel as they walk to school. There will be a wide variety of fun activities on offer every day for the different classes.

  • Each morning will commence with a wake up shake up morning assembly presented by the Active School Committee. They will demonstrate and encourage the whole school to participate in some fun exercises, dancing and action songs. They will assign some Super Trouper exercises as active homework.
  • Wallace’s class will lead the school with stretching exercises on Friday Morning.
  • Each class and all the staff will participate in the daily mile (1.6km) each day for 15 minutes. Daily mile (1.6km) activity is defined as a moving activity i.e. walking, jogging, skipping, running etc for 15 minutes each day around a circuit e.g. the footprints in the bottom yard, the edge of the top yard or around the basket ball court.
  • The teachers also have organised a variety of activities to mark this active fun week, e.g. football leagues, hulahoopathon, skipathon, runathon, jogathon, bizzybreak activities, basketball knockout, zumba with Sharon, ultra flex with Kim, teddy bears picnic to the park, nature trails, class disco, drop everything and dance/jog/stretch (signal given from the Intercom). etc.
  • Music will be played in the playground during both breaks on Tuesday week when all the State Exams are over in the Secondary Schools.
  • Mc Donald will also provide a workshop on circuit training with a focus on running for interested staff.
  • Owen Diviney as Athlete Mentor is providing a Sky Sports Living for Sport programme to 6th He is supporting them in a class project which will involve the whole school. Hence the Student Council are organising a wide variety of activities for our Sports Day on Wednesday in Kenny Park to include a hot dog/burger financed by the Parents’ Council. Children may bring treats on this special day. Parents are very welcome.
  • Children will be encouraged to drink water in preference to juices during this week.
  • Active Awards will be presented to children who make a special effort in being extra active.

Graduation Mass for the 6th class girls and the 1st class boys will take place on Friday, the 23rd of June at 11am.  The Board of Management, Parents Council and parents of 6th class girls and 1st class boys are invited to this special Mass. The staff wish the 1st class boys all the best in their new school We will also be celebrating the retirements of Mrs O Sullivan, who has been teaching in Scoil Chroí Naofa for 18 years. She will be retiring at the end of this school year. The whole school community wish to thank her most sincerely for her commitment & dedication to the school. We wish her health and happiness in the future.


Sixth class will take a Trip to Galway to spend their JEP profits on Monday June 26th.


The school wish to purchase the following books for our Book Rental Scheme:

  • 2nd Class: Bua na Cainte 2     €6
  • 3rd Class: Abair Liom E €9
  • 4th Class: Abair Liom F €9

Please write a note of permission in your child’s journal, confirming that it is okay for her to sell the books to the school.


Children will receive their Book List on Monday 26th June. The Book Rental Scheme is available for some books on the Book List. If you wish to order books from our Book Rental Scheme there are two options:

  1. Enclose a list of the books required with the fee in a sealed envelope with your child’s name clearly marked. All of the orders will be collected and children will receive their books as soon as possible or,
  2. Parents are invited into the staffroom to rent their children’s books on Tuesday & Wednesday, the 27th & 28th of June from 12.30 – 2.30pm. Assistance required from Parents. Please text (087) 4038525 if you are available.


If parents wish to donate novels, current or old school books they would be very much appreciated.


Parents have been very generous in the past in donating uniforms. These uniforms are given to families who find the beginning of the school year difficult.  If you wish to donate uniforms to the school please forward them to the secretary’s’ office. The Uniform Sale will take place in the staffroom on Wednesday, the 28th of June from 1.30 – 2pm.


Brendan Smith from NUIG will present a Coding Workshop to 5th class on Tues, June 27th


Sixth class girls will be getting their holidays on Wednesday, June 28th. at 2.30pm. The staff wish the girls health and happiness in their new school.


The staff and I wish to further equip and develop our play corners for a programme called Aistear. If parents or friends wish to kindly donate any of the following items to the school we would be very grateful: Toy Cash Registers, Toy Trolleys, Postman Pat toys / books, Postcards, Doctors / Nurse’s sets, Toy Animals, Teddies, Dress up Clothes, Aeroplanes, Small Suitcases, Luggage Tags, Cameras, Sunglasses, Baseball hats, Foreign / Play money, Travel Agent Brochures etc. We wish to thank the parents who have very kindly donated items already.


The Board of Management seek an annual contribution of €30 per child or €50 per family The Board wish to thank again those families who gave a Voluntary Contribution during the year. If you would like to contribute, we would be very grateful for your donation. In the light of the economic climate, staff has requested that no gifts be given to them throughout the year. Instead however, your appreciation of staff can be acknowledged in your Voluntary Contribution.


In accordance with  Section 18 of the Education Welfare Act 2000, if a pupil is absent for more than 20 days during the school year, the school authorities must inform the Education Welfare Board.  We are obliged to report pupils and reported reasons for absenteeism to the Board annually.  You will be notified on the end of year report if your child has been reported to the Welfare Board.


Children will commence their Summer Holidays on Friday the 30th June at 11.45am.


The school will re-open on Thursday the 31st of August at 8.50 a.m.  Children in Junior Infant classes will go home at 12 o’clock for the first two weeks.



  • We recommend children from junior infants up to 1st class to purchase shoes with velcro as some of them are having difficulty tying their laces.
  • Runners are required for Physical Education lessons.
  • Children also require old large shirts for Visual Art lessons.
  • If you need to purchase pencils for your children, please avoid novelty pencils. The pencils recommended from senior infants up to 6th class are HB Faber Castell.


Finally, the Board of Management, staff and I would like to wish you and your families a very enjoyable, relaxing, safe and sunny holidays.  Thank you for your support and co-operation throughout the year.


Yours sincerely



______________                                            _____________________

Teresa Neylon                                                 Cathriona Cronin

Principal                                                          Deputy Principal



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