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Dear Parents                                                  Issue: 02                                             September 13th 2017


Junior Infants will go home at 1.30pm from Monday the 18th of September.


In the interests of child protection and public health & safety the following are the morning and evening routines commencing for Junior Infants on Monday..

  1. No cars will be allowed onto school grounds except in exceptional circumstances agreed with principal. All cars should be parked outside the school grounds in the car parks outside the school gates or at the Church.
  2. Parents/Guardians will enter school grounds through the top or bottom yard only. No entry is permitted through the front doors.
  3. In the morning at 8.45am all children will line up in the yard where they will say goodbye to their parents.
  4. Junior infants will be brought into the school hall for morning assembly by their class teachers.
  5. Children in all Junior & Senior Infant classes will be collected from the bottom yard at 1.30pm.
    1. Comer’s Class will be collected at the Junior yard door and Miss Sheridan’s Class will be collected at the Senior yard door. Student Council will guide you to the correct doors.
    2. Miss Tyrrell’s Junior Infant Class will be collected from the shelter in the bottom yard. Children will be accompanied to the yard by their teacher, another member of staff and 2 pupils from the student council. Junior infants will leave the building on a “safe train” i.e. they will each have a partner. Please do not collect your child from the class line until they have entered the shelter.
    3. As of last year Mrs. Murray’s Senior Infants Class and Mr Hanley’s Senior Infants Class will continue to be collected from the shelter.
    4. Children will not be released by their teachers until parents approach their child and teacher. The child will raise their hand to indicate to teacher that their parent / child minder is there to collect them and teacher will then release them.
  6. If you need to speak to teacher, please be prepared to wait until all the children have been collected.
  7. All parents and children will then leave school grounds through the top or bottom yard.


Your patience and co-operation is requested in implementing the above routine as these changes have been made in the interests of the smooth running of the school and the health and safety of all pupils. Please ensure this message regarding the change of routine is passed on to the person bringing your child to and from school.


The Board of Management recommends that all pupils avail of the Schools Personal Accident Insurance. Forms have been distributed. Please forward either €6.00 or €9.00 depending on whatever option you choose by Friday, the 22nd of September.


Please forward all outstanding monies for books, copies, art & craft,photocopying and Literacy Lift Off to the class teacher immediately.


Mrs Burke & Mr Byrne have selected a Junior and a Senior Team to participate in the semi finals of the Athletic Association Irish Primary Schools Cross Country Championship which will take place in Renmore on Tuesday the 19th of September at 11.30am. Junior Team: Kerri O’Driscoll, Anna Rohan, Alison McGreevey, Alice Church, Sophie Hogan, Sophie Costello. Senior Team: Leonore Church, Abigail O’Shea, Kayla Madden, Áine Hardiman, Ciara Walsh, Wiktoria Piotrowska.


Senior Infants, 1st & 2nd classes will participate in a Whole Class Numeracy Intervention Programme entitled Maths Blast this year. Ms. O’Byrne’s 2nd class will commence this programme on Monday September 18th for a duration of 3 weeks.


The Literacy Lift Off intensive Reading and Writing programme will commence in Ms. Alani’s class on Monday September 18th for a five week period. Every child will bring home a new book each night and parents are asked to read this book with their child.


Please check your child’s hair regularly to ensure that any infection of head lice is treated at once.  Long hair should be tied back. An incidence of head lice has been reported in Mrs. Greally’s & Miss Tyrrells classes.


Class teachers call the roll every day at 11am. If your child has an appointment in the morning, please notify the teacher the day before so that your child can be marked present.


The staff and Parents Council have discussed the following and seek your co-operation in the best interests of all children: Birthday invitations should not be distributed on the school premises as it causes upset to the children who are not invited.


Some children have a severe nut allergy. The staff and I are seeking your co-operation in providing your child with fruit/veg for first break. Children are not allowed to bring any food out to the yard except fruit/veg.


If you change address, email or phone numbers, please inform secretary so she can update school records.


Dates for Diary:

  • Internet Safety Talk for Parents on Monday October 2nd at 8pm
  • Staff meeting Thursday October 5th. Children will go home at 1.15pm
  • Confirmation for 6th class on Saturday February 24th at 2.30pm
  • First Holy Communion for 2nd class on Saturday May 26th at 12pm


Yours sincerely   ______________________________Cathríona Cronin, Deputy Principal

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