Letter (12) 21062021

Issue: 12                                                                     June 21st 2021

Dear Parents,

No Access from the Convent:

The Presentation sisters have advised us that from Monday June 21st the access to our school from the Convent side of town will be closed off. This is because construction works are due to take place and there will be no entry or exit via this route for the duration of the construction works. A new access is being installed.

New E-mail Address:

The school has changed its email address. The new school email address is: [email protected]

First Confession / First Communion / Confirmation:

Fr Benny has confirmed that the sacraments of Communion / Confirmation will both take place in early July:

  • Confirmation will take place on the evening of Friday July 2nd
  • First Communion will take place on Sunday July 4th
    • First Communion girls meet in the school hall at 10.30am for a prayer & hymn service with teachers & Mr Naughton
    • At 11am the girls will view the mass on-line in the school hall
    • After mass parents will collect the girls from the school hall & take them to the church to receive their private blessing and the sacrament of Holy Communion. This will happen straight away after mass for the pupils of Scoil Chroí Naofa.
    • There will be ushers at the church to direct the girls and their parents

End of Year Report cards:

  • All pupils end of year report cards are now available on Aladdin to view
  • You will find attached an “Information for Parents” note on STen scores which should help you to understand what the standardised test scores mean for classes from 1st class to 6th class.
  • Our in-school analysis of test scores has revealed that we have performed as well as, if not better in English, Irish and Maths, compared with other years. What an achievement in the year that was in it!! Well done to staff, parents and all of our amazing pupils on this.

Book lists & Book Rental:

  • By now you should have received your child’s book list for next school year. All book lists were emailed last week, along with instructions on how the book rental scheme will operate for the coming school year.
  • If you wish to rent any of the books available, please email the school asap. Orders will not be taken after Friday of this week (June 25th)
  • There is no need to send in payment for book rental. A charge for book rental will appear on Aladdin in July and you are asked to make the payment before September 1st.
  • The books will then be given to your child on the first day of school.

Junior Entrepreneur Programme:

  • This year both Mrs Monson’s & Mr Kelly’s 6th classes took part in the JEP programme.
  • This year’s product was “Lucky Bags” which the girls sold for €3 each.
  • They got a “start-up loan” from the school of €550
  • The girls made a profit of €1131 which works out at €29 each for all their hard work.

Annual Sports Day:

  • We are delighted to say that we will be holding our annual sports day in Kenny Park tomorrow Tuesday June 22nd. The day will be organised in line with the public health guidelines.
  • All children should come to school in their PE clothes tomorrow.
  • There will be fun activities for the children to take part in and it will be led by the 6th class girls.
  • They will also receive a burger or hot dog, which will be supplied by the Wildfire Firetruck!

Graduation ceremonies:

Unfortunately we cannot have parents in attendance for the graduation ceremonies this year. We will however be videoing the celebrations and the videos will be posted to the school YouTube channel for parents to view:

  • Graduation for 6th class girls will take place on Friday June 25th.
    • This will be the girls’ last day of school
    • The 6th class girls do not have to wear their uniform for the rest of this week (their last week in SCN!)
  • Graduation for 1st class boys will take place on Tuesday June 29th.

CAT4 Test for Presentation College Athenry:

  • Presentation College Athenry will administer the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) to all incoming students on Monday June 28th.
  • The time slot for Scoil Chroí Naofa girls is:
    • 12.45pm-1pm Drop off using the set down area
    • 1.05pm-4.05pm CAT4 Assessment
  • The girls must bring: A HB pencil, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, a packed lunch & a drink of water and a facemask.
  • All students must wear a facemask for the duration of the test in line with Covid guidelines
  • Please ensure that your child is dropped to and collected from the school grounds promptly at the designated times.
  • Parents are requested to comply with the school’s Covid 19 guidelines by staying in their cars at all times
  • If a student is unwell he / she should not attend on the day, in line with Covid guidelines.

End of Term:

  • There will be no homework in any class for the remainder of the school term
  • Wednesday June 30th is the last day of term and a half day – all children go home at 11.45am.
  • This is a NO UNIFORM day!! So children can wear their own clothes to school on this day.

Donation of School Uniforms:

  • The school is always happy to receive donations of Scoil Chroí Naofa uniforms. You can send in donations of uniforms with your child any time before the end of June. Please send in a note with your child stating that you wish to donate the uniform(s). If possible, have uniforms washed before donating. Your donations will be used for families that need our support and we appreciate your generosity.

Green School Committee:

  • Congratulations to the Green School committee who have just been awarded their 9th Green Flag!
  • Sincere thanks to pupils & parents alike for all your participation and support. It was a wonderful team effort!
  • We are delighted to announce that Scoil Chroí Naofa has been selected as one of 11 Galway schools who will receive funding under the 1st round of the “Safe routes to school programme”. This means we will receive funding for infrastructural projects to make walking/cycling/scooting to school safer for all.

School Summer Programme:

  • The school is holding a 3 week School Summer Programme “Explorer Programme” from July 5th to 23rd. Mr Naughton, Mr Hanley & Mrs McGrath will run the programme and will be assisted by our SNAs. Children who meet the criteria for the programme have been contacted.

Fun Summer Camp:

  • Miss Tyrrell & Miss Feeney will hold a 1 week fun summer camp in the school during the week of July 5th to 9th. The camp is aimed at children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st class and costs €65.
  • If your child is interested in the camp, please forward their name and the money to either Miss Tyrrell or Miss Feeney as soon as possible.

New Enrolments 2021 / 2022:

  • Children due to start in Junior Infants on Wednesday September 1st are invited into the school for an hour (8.50am to 9.50am) on Tuesday August 31st. This will give the children a chance to see their classroom, meet their teacher and their new classmates.
  • The children will also learn which door to enter and exit the building: All Junior infants enter the building using the main front door (red circle). Miss Tyrrell’s Junior infants exit the building through this same door, while the second Junior Infant class exit the building using the door at the front of the school with the purple circle.
  • Children who are joining other classes in September will also be welcome to call into the school during this time on the same day to meet the principal and take a look at the school.
  • You should all have received your book lists by now (via email). If you wish to avail of the book rental scheme, please e-mail the school as soon as possible. Orders for book rental will not be taken after Friday June 25th.
  • In July you will receive a link for “Aladdin”. This is a smartphone app that the school uses to communicate with parents. The app is also used to record reasons for your child being absent from school, view their end of year report card, make on-line payments etc.

Language Connect:

  • We have applied for the chance to teach Irish Sign Language (ISL)
  • We are fortunate that Mrs Trehy (SNA) is fluent in ISL and would be delighted to avail of this initiative that celebrates inclusivity, integration and diversity in the school setting, which is so important.
  • It can be offered to children from 3rd to 6th class
  • It would run for 6 weeks (1hr sessions)
  • We will hear during the summer if we have been successful in our application

Sensory Garden & Outdoor Classroom:

  • Watch out for exciting developments on this front in time for the start of the new academic year!!

Summer Holidays:

The summer holidays are an important opportunity to promote the concept of lifelong learning in children, provide opportunities for language development and communication through engaging with parents in day-to-day activities and build memories of the learning situations surrounding us in the home, natural world, cultural venues, as well as in the areas of music and art.

For primary school children, learning outcomes and experiences are integrated across a wide range of activities often involving play, experimentation, collaboration and co-operation with others in their class. Where possible parents should seek to ensure that children simply enjoy the summer, play and have fun. Their physical and mental wellbeing is every bit as important, if not more important than academic results.

Play is how children grow, learn and discover. After a tough year, play will be how children reconnect with their family, friends and their communities and recover from the impact of the pandemic. We need to ensure that children get outside, play and have fun.

The summer should provide children, parents and families with an opportunity to rest, recuperate and recharge after a gruelling year.

There are limitless possibilities for parents and pupils to engage in Fun Activities that are intrinsically educational. These are just some suggestions:

  • SESE (Social, Environmental and Scientific Education – this includes History, Geography and Science)
    • Visiting heritage sites: admission charges to all fee-paying open OPW heritage sites are being waived until the end of the year. Many such heritage sites also have free admission – find out what’s in your area for day trips
    • Interact with nature, explore your local area, “walks” and “play in the park”
    • Bird song apps, (to identify birds singing), are available for smart phones – feeding, observing, recording and sketching birds, visiting the garden and in the locality
    • In Ireland we are fortunate in that many of our National museums have free entry: Collins Barracks, the National Museum and the Natural History Museum in Dublin are all free
    • Towns and villages across the country often have local historical societies and folklore related to local landmarks: simple searches on google can throw up a treasure trove of information.
  • Language & Literacy:
    • Listen to your child. Encourage them to tell, describe, explain
    • Encourage reading: read to your child, audio books, visit the library, access the mobile library
    • Audio books can be downloaded from your local library by using: https://www.librariesireland.ie/elibrary/eaudiobooks
    • Young children love to write and draw – access to pens, markers, paper and crayons
    • For very young children – working with playdough helps develop the muscles necessary for fine motor development, as does threading, using pegs, chunky crayons etc.
    • Keeping a diary or journaling might be of interest. Writing cards to family or friends
  • Numeracy:
    • We live in a mathematical world – money, counting, numbers, shape and space are all important mathematical concepts and we are surrounded by opportunities to explore them
    • For younger children simply counting, sorting, playing shop, pricing, going to the shop can all develop key mathematical skills. Finding and talking about shapes. 2D (Rectangles, Squares, Circles) 3-D (cubes, cylinders, spheres) etc.
  • Physical Education:
    • Running, cycling, swimming, dancing – games of all sorts
    • Balance, throwing, catching
    • Access local clubs – Cúl camps, summer camps, sports clubs
    • Walking – hills / mountains / parks & lakes
  • Drama Art & Music:
    • Energy goes where attention flows – encourage, listen, watch & comment
    • Access to paint, pencils, crayons & paper
    • Play dates – make believe
    • Hugh Lane & National Art Gallery in Dublin have free admission. Galleries, exhibitions or street art in towns and villages
    • Take time to stop, look and listen – street performers, buskers, street artists
    • What is happening in your local area?

The “Let’s Play Ireland” website on gov.ie has been updated and is packed with new resources for children and families to enjoy: https://www.gov.ie/en/campaigns/lets-play-ireland/

Final September Reminders

  • The school will re-open on Wednesday September 1st at 8.50am. Children in Junior Infant classes will go home at 12 o’clock for the first week and a half.
  • It is recommended that children from junior infants up to 1st class purchase shoes with velcro.
  • Runners are required for Physical Education lessons.
  • Please ensure that you have all the books, copies etc. listed on your child’s booklist for Sept 1st.
  • Payments for school costs and book rental can be made via Aladdin over the summer months.
  • Scoil Chroí Naofa will operate in term 1 of next year as it has done in term 3 of this year, in terms of adherence to public health guidelines. It is hoped revised guidelines will issue to school in the near future. Until such time as this happens, schools have been instructed to adhere to all current public health guidelines.

Diary dates:

  • Friday June 25th: Graduation for 6th class girls & last day of school for 6th class girls
  • Tuesday June 29th: Graduation for 1st class boys
  • Wednesday June 30th: Last day of school. All children go home at 11.45am.
  • Tuesday August 31st: 8.50am – 9.50am new Junior Infants invited into school
  • Wednesday September 1st: First day of school!!

The Board of Management & staff of Scoil Chroí Naofa thank you for your support, commitment & dedication over what has been an extremely difficult period in all our lives. This could well be a summer of opportunity for learning in ways that we may never have previously considered. Most of all, may it be a summer of fun for you & your children.

As a school community we will continue to work together for the best possible outcomes for our children. We look forward to welcoming you once again for the coming school year.

Is mise le meas

Fergal Naughton

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