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Scoil Chroí Naofa

Athenry, Co Galway

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Dear Parents                                     Issue: 01                                                                      September 7th 2017


At the beginning of the school year, may I take this opportunity on behalf of the staff, to welcome all the children back to school.  I hope all the children will have a happy experience in school and that by co-operation and mutual understanding between home and school, we will be able to work together for the children’s benefit.


Congrats to

  • Ms O Byrne and Mr. Hanley who have been appointed to permanent positions in our school.
  • Mr Wallace and Ms Sheridan who have just announced their engagement and will be getting married this November. We wish them both health and happiness. Mr Wallace has also been appointed to a permanent position in a two teacher school in Aillebrack National School, Ballyconneely, Co. Galway.


We seek your co-operation with the following reminders:

  • Staff request all outstanding monies for books, copies, art & craft,photocopying and Literacy Lift Off to be forwarded to the class teacher immediately. Please comply with the following procedure  when forwarding money to the school;
  1. Money should be placed in a sealed envelope.
  2. The child’s name should be marked on the outside.
  3. The amount in the envelope should be clearly stated.
  4. The purpose for which the money is forwarded should also be clearly stated.
  • Please label all children’s clothes and belongings clearly including lunchboxes and drink containers.
  • Please make sure that your child has Runners for PE.
  • All children require an old large shirt (labelled) for Visual Art Activities.
  • Please provide your child with a plastic bottle as they find it difficult to open juice cartons.
  • Please sign your child’s homework.
  • Check your child’s schoolbag regularly for letters. Letters are also available by email and are also posted on the website.
  • Check your child’s hair to ensure that any infection of head lice is treated at once.  Long hair should be tied back.


First class children will not assemble in the hall at home time as of from today, Thursday, 7th of  September. Children will leave from their classroom. Please make sure that you arrange with your child where exactly you will collect him/her at 2.30pm, e.g. in the hall, outside offices, inside school wall, gate, top yard or Church etc.



The Board of Management recommends that all pupils avail of the Schools Personal Accident InsuranceEach child will receive a form on Monday.  Please complete this form and forward either €6.00 or €9.00 depending on whatever option you choose by Friday September 22nd.


In the interest of safety and due to the large number of junior infants:

  • parents of children from senior infants up to 6th class are requested to say goodbye to their children in the morning as they line up in the yard at 8.45a.m.
  • parents of junior infants will continue bringing their child to the classroom and collecting from the classroom up to Friday week September 15th.


The Board of Management have introduced a safe system for entering and leaving the school grounds. We seek your co-operation with the following:

  1. No cars are allowed onto school grounds except in exceptional circumstances agreed with principal. All cars should be parked outside the school grounds in the car parks outside the school gates and at the Church.
  1. Please ensure that your child does not walk on the wall. They have been reminded of this numerous times.
  1. For those of you collecting your children at 1.30pm please be aware that there are classes working in the prefabs. We would be grateful if your children could be kept reasonably quiet while passing. Please remind them also, that they are not allowed to go up and down the steps of the prefabs.
  2. The Presentation College have changed their school timetable. Please note: the secondary school finishes on Fridays at 1.20pm, as a result there will be major difficulty parking.

Please ensure this message regarding the safe system is passed on to the person bringing your child to and from school.



The Board of Management will not accept responsibility for children in the school yard before 8.45am or after 2.30pm unless they are attending Extra Curricular Activities.


The staff of Scoil Chroí Naofa consider punctuality to be of paramount importance. Please ensure that your child is in school by 8.50am to avoid constant disruption to morning prayers and to the beginning of the school day for teachers.


In accordance with Section 18 of the Education Welfare Act 2000, when a pupil is absent for part or all of a school day, parent/s must notify teacher or Principal of the reasons for the pupil’s absence. If a pupil is absent for more than 20 days during the school year, the school authorities must inform the Education Welfare Board who consult with parents and other appropriate persons. In order to comply with the Act, staff and I need your cooperation with the following

  • If your child is absent, please write a note to teacher stating the reason and give it to your child on the day your child is returning. It is unnecessary to phone as well.
  • If your child has to leave the school during the school day, the person who is collecting your child must sign him/her out at the Secretary’s Office.


The Department of Education and Science has introduced Guidelines and Procedures for all schools in relation to Child Protection and Welfare.  These guidelines promote the welfare of all children. The Board of Management has adopted these guidelines as School Policy.  Consequently if there is a matter of concern in relation to the abuse of children we are obliged to report this to the local Health Board, who will assess the case and provide the necessary support for the child concerned.


Some children have a severe nut allergy. The staff and I are seeking your co-operation in providing your child with fruit/veg for first break. Children are not allowed to bring any food out to the yard except fruit/veg.


If you change address, email or phone numbers, please inform secretary so she can update school records.


During the coming year we will be submitting articles and photos to the Connacht Tribune, the Tuam Herald and the Athenry News & Views Magazine, etc. If you do not wish your child’s name or photo to be submitted please contact the school.


A number of parents last year received the regular newsletters by email. Over the coming few weeks we will include all parents who have forwarded an email address on the enrolment form. If for any reason you do not wish to be included, please inform the secretary.


The staff and Parents Council have discussed the following and seek your co-operation in the best interests of all children: Birthday invitations should not be distributed on the school premises as it causes upset to the children who are not invited.


Please see overleaf the School Calendar for 2017/2018 in order for you to plan your holidays accordingly.


Dates for Diary:

  • Internet Safety Talk for Parents on Monday October 2nd at 8pm
  • Staff meeting Thursday October 5th. Children will go home at 1.15pm
  • Confirmation for 6th class on Saturday February 24th at 2.30pm


Your co-operation in the above is very much appreciated.

With every good wish for the year ahead.


Yours sincerely

________________________                                          ______________________________

Teresa Neylon, Principal                              Cathríona Cronin, Deputy Principal


Scoil Chroí Naofa

Athenry, Co Galway

Telephone:  091-844510

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.scoilchroinaofaathenry.ie





SCHOOL OPENING:                Thursday 31st of August 2017


MID TERM BREAK:                 Monday 30th of October to Friday 3rd of November

School re-opens on Monday the 6th of November


CHRISTMAS BREAK:               Friday 22nd of December to Friday 5th of January

School closes on Friday 22nd of December

School re-opens on Monday the 8th of January


MID TERM BREAK:                 Monday 12th to Friday 16th of February

School re-opens on Monday the 19th of February


  1. PATRICK’S DAY: School closed on Monday 19th of March


EASTER BREAK:                      Monday 26th of March to Friday 6th of April

School closes on Friday 23rd March

School re-opens on Monday the 9th of April


BANK HOLIDAY:                     School closed Monday 7th of May & Tuesday 8th of May


BANK HOLIDAY:                     School closed Monday 4th of June


SUMMER HOLIDAYS:              School closes on Friday 29th of June


Please Note:    This calendar could be subject to change as part of contingency arrangements to make up for time lost due to unforeseen school closures.  You will be given adequate notice of any changes.

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