Letter (06) 16102018

Dear Parents                                        Issue: 06                                                                 October 16th 2018


In the interests of child protection and public health & safety, please note the following:

  • NO CARS ARE ALLOWED ONTO SCHOOL GROUNDS EXCEPT IN EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES AGREED WITH PRINCIPAL. All cars should be parked outside the school grounds in the car parks outside the school gates and at the church.
  • Please note the secondary school finishes on Fridays at 1.20pm, as a result there will be increased traffic & parking difficulty on this day in particular
  • Please ensure that your child does not walk on the wall. They have been reminded of this numerous times.
  • If you wish to meet a teacher during the year, please make an appointment through the secretary.
  • Parents / Guardians should enter the school through main front door (beside secretary’s office) or through the yard doors. No entry is permitted through the doors in the school carpark.
  • If you need to take your child out of school during the day,
  • please sign your child out on the Sign Out Book at the office and the secretary will collect your child from the classroom for you.
  • please do not collect your child during break times 10.30 -10.45am and 12.00 – 12.30pm as class teachers are not present.
  • Class teachers call the roll every day at 10.30am. If your child has an appointment in the morning, please notify the teacher the day before so that your child can be marked present
  • Please send a note to teachers of Junior Infants and Senior Infants if a different person is collecting you child.
  • The shelter in the bottom yard is reserved for the three Senior Infant classes at 1.30pm.
  • Please vacate the shelter on wet days for the staff and the children, to avoid over-crowding and to ensure children are being sent home with the correct person.
  • Please do not collect your child from the class line until they have entered the shelter.
  • Children will not be allowed to leave until parents/minders approach the child and teacher.
  • For those of you collecting your children at 1.30pm please be aware that there are classes working in the prefabs. We would be grateful if your children could be kept reasonably quiet while passing. Please remind them also, that they are not allowed to go up and down the steps of the prefabs.
  • If you need to speak to teacher, please be prepared to wait until all the children have been collected.
  • All parents and children will then leave the school grounds through the top or bottom yard.


Please ensure this information is passed on to the person bringing your child to and from school.


Staff are currently revising School, Class & Golden Rules with the children. Please discuss School Rules with your child (copy attached).



Mr Fergal Naughton has been appointed as the new Principal of Scoil Chroí Naofa. Mr Naughton was Principal in Annagh National School and is currently Principal in Castlehackett National School. The whole school community welcome him and wish him happiness and success for the future. He will be starting after mid-term break.


Congratulations to Mrs Hennessy, her husband and family on the safe arrival of their new baby boy. The whole school community would like to send them our very best wishes on this very special occasion.


Mrs Wallace has made the decision not to return to Scoil Chroí Naofa after her maternity leave. We wish her, Mr Wallace & Ciarán all the very best for the future. Miss Emer Dolan has joined the teaching staff of Scoil Chroí Naofa in her place. The whole school community would like to welcome Miss Dolan to the Scoil Chroí Naofa team!


The Best Attendance record for September was awarded to Miss Moloney’s Senior Infants class.


Congratulations to the following children who have been awarded prizes for making a special effort to speak Irish during the month of September; Richardas Lapenas, Daniel Byrne, Amanie Shehu, Keelin Murtagh, Elaina Teulier, Caio da Silva, Gabriel Gbadmosi, Kayla Farrell, Jennifer Rose Tom, Abbie Ward, Cadhla Dooley, Maria Sewerynska, Lucy Lukina and Kaceyleigh Ward.


Maths Week is being celebrated this week all over Ireland. Children will engage in many fun activities. Encourage your child to look for Maths in your home, on your way to school, in the Church, in the shops etc.


HSE Consent Forms have been given to all the Junior Infants in respect of School Health Programme 2018-2019. Parents should complete these forms and return them to the school as soon as possible.



  • Band practice commenced last week. If your child has been selected to play the Melodica, Accordion or Bell Lyre, an instrument rental fee of €15 is required.
  • If children need to purchase Tin Whistles, they are available from office at a cost of €7.
  • Second class children will commence Tin Whistle this week. They need to purchase tin whistles in the key of C, which are available from the office at a cost of €7.


Mr Byrne & Mr McDonald have selected a junior & senior team to participate in the semi-finals of the Cumann na mBunscoil Athletics Championship, which will take place in Renmore on Friday October 19th.  Thank you to the Parents Council for financing the bus.


The Green School Committee wish to inform you that our first Park & Stride Day will take place on Wednesday October 24th from the car park beside Kenny Park at 8.50am. Children are encouraged to wear their high-visibility vests or arm bands.  Junior Infants have been provided with high-viz vests. Staff will be present at the venue from 8.30am. If for any reason you cannot drop off your child at Kenny Park, the doors of the school will be open at the normal time.


John Morris from the Football Association of Ireland will provide a Football Workshop to 4th class on Tuesday October 24th, entitled Show Racism the Red Card.


The Students Council (6th class) have brought forward their Annual Bake Sale to Thursday October 25th this year. We as a school wish to support the great work being done by parents of our Community in raising funds to re-open the Athenry Playground. The Playground is a fantastic facility that is used by nearly all the children in our school. Please support the Bake Sale by sending in baked goods and all proceeds will go to this very important cause. Let’s get our playground open again!!!


District Fitness Centre and Athenry Judo Club are hosting A Haunted Halloween kids fancy dress Disco Party as a fundraiser for the renovation of Athenry’s playground. It will take place in District Fitness on Wednesday October 31st from 5 – 7.30pm. There’ll be a DJ with disco lights and smoke machine, Madam Ruby crystal ball reading, face painting and nail salon, games, raffle prizes & lots of fun. Parents must stay to supervise children and there will be free entry for parents that dress up in their own Halloween costumes. Tickets cost €5 per person and can be purchased from the school office.


The Literacy Lift Off intensive Reading and Writing programme is continuing in Mr Byrne’s 1st class. Every child will bring home a new book each night (including Friday) and parents are asked to read this book with their child.


The Green School Committee are planning a “Monster Cash for Clobber” for November 6th.  They are requesting all families to do a big Tidy Up during the Halloween break. If you have any of the following unwanted items, please put them in refuse bags –  Good Quality Clothing, Shoes, Belts, Towels, Curtains, Bed linen, Handbags, etc. No duvets pillows or soiled items will be accepted.


Some children have a severe nut allergy. We are seeking your co-operation in providing your child with fruit/veg for first break. Children are not allowed to bring any food out to the yard except fruit/veg.


If you change address, email or phone numbers, please inform secretary so she can update school records.


Information Open Nights for parents of sixth class girls enrolling in second level education:

  • Coláiste an Eachréidh: Tuesday October 16th at 7.30pm
  • Presentation College on Thursday, the 18th of October at 4.45pm.


Dates for Diary:

  • Wed Oct 24th: Closing date for applications to Presentation College Athenry
  • Mon Oct 29th – Fri Nov 2nd: Mid-term break
  • Fri Nov 23rd: Acceptances for Presentation College Athenry will be returned
  • Fri Nov 30th: Band performing at lighting of the Christmas Tree
  • Sat Jan 19th 9.30am: Presentation College Transition Assessment
  • Sat Feb 16th at 12 noon: Confirmation for 6th class
  • Sat May 25th at 12 noon: First Holy Communion for 2nd Class


Yours sincerely

Cathríona Cronin    (Acting Principal)                   Veronica Murray    (Acting Deputy Principal)

  1. Food
    • No nuts of any kind are allowed.
    • Drinks are not allowed in the school yard.
    • Children are required to  bring nutritious lunches according to our Healthy Eating Policy
    • Chewing gum, crisps, fizzy drinks and glass bottles are not allowed in the school
  1. Pupils must be punctual at all times. School begins at 8.50am.  Afternoon classes begin at 12.30pm.  Junior and Senior Infants go home at 1.30pm.  Pupils in First Class up to Sixth Class go home at 2.30pm.  The Board of Management does not take responsibility for children in the school yard before 8.45pm or after 2.30pm unless they are attending extra-curricular classes.
  2. The following behaviour is strictly forbidden:-
    • Shouting and running within the school building, loitering, vandalism, littering, rudeness, giving cheek, bad language, name calling, rough play, kicking, punching, throwing stones.
    • All types of bullying including Cyber Bullying and Racial Bullying are unacceptable and strictly forbidden.
  3. Uniform
  • The correct full school uniform must always be worn with suitable, safe, flat footwear.
  • Long hair should always be tied back.
  • Make-up is strictly forbidden.
  1. Jewellery must be kept to a minimum.
  • Only small safe earrings are acceptable i.e. studs, sleepers. No large hoops or long dangling earrings are allowed.
  • Nose jewellery is strictly forbidden.
  • Long necklaces or chains are not allowed.
  • Nails should be kept short. Long/False nails are forbidden.
  1. Runners, tracksuits or shorts & t-shirts must be worn for Physical Education.
  2. Children who have been absent from school must bring a written explanation to the teacher/principal.
  3. Children must follow the safe route in and out of the school grounds, i.e. to enter through the stiles, to follow route set out by green fence, to walk behind the prefab and into playground or to enter from the upper playground.
  4. During school hours children are not allowed to leave the school premises without permission from parents.
  5. Children are not allowed into the school building during playtime without permission.
  6. All types of mobile phones are forbidden


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