Junior Infants use their senses the MindUp way!

Over the past few weeks in Junior Infants we have been working hard at using our senses. We started with Mindful Smelling where we smelt different things and had to guess what they were – some smelt a lot nicer than others. We then went onto Mindful Tasting where we tasted things that were hard, soft, sweet and sour – this was lots of fun! Then came Mindful Touching were we played a ‘feely-bag’ game, followed by Mindful Seeing which involved a very tricky memory game and a spot the difference activity. We were lucky that we had a lovely sunny day for our Mindful Listenting walk. We went out into the yard and had a minute of silence and took note of all the sounds around us, we heard cars, birds, people talking and were even lucky enough to hear the Church bell ringing!

After all this busy work we had a look back at all our sense and how we used them and drew some pictures to show this! See how Room 2 got on below!

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