June in 5th class

What a busy month June was.

It got off to a great start with our school tour to Tayto Park in Ashbourne in Co.Meath.We were sooo excited about going to Tayto Park as most of us had never been there before.We didn’t get to go on the biggest wooden rollercoaster in Europe that day as it was closed because Nationwide were doing a piece on it that day.However the bright side is that we got to see some of us on Nationwide walking around in the background as Anne Cassin was taking to the camera.Teacher played it for us on RTE player.

We had an amazing day, the sun shone  and we were kept entertained and busy.Here are  some of the things we got up to.

Some of us were very brave.

Getting ready.



Here we go.







We are upside down here.I think this was the point where teacher walked away.She couldn’t take it anymore.


Getting ready to go on the zip wire 20150605_114800

Here we go!20150605_114601 20150605_114613

We went on a tour of the Tayto factory and got to see them making crisps.We were not allowed to take any photographs of them making crisps in the factory.Must be a top secret receipe. Very Willy Wonka.
20150605_131115 20150605_132220 20150605_132313 20150605_133019 20150605_133229 20150605_141106

The climbing wall was really high.Some of us reached the top.20150605_155812This is the famous rollercoaster.20150605_153849The 5D cinema was great fun.

We got to see loads of animals like tigers and monkeys and we go a big huge box of crisps to bring home on the bus with us.What a day.


A gardener called Jarlath planted loads of flowers, shrubs and trees around the grounds of the school.He also planted the beautiful flower baskets and boxes.Here is is giving us a tour of all he did and teaching us(the green school committee) how to look after everything when he is gone.

March 2015 178March 2015 179

We held this years Intercultural Day in the school.A lot of work and orginisation went into it.We had a great day and thanks to all teachers and pupils from other classes who participated and displayed tables or projects.The whole school got to dress up in clothes from other countries.Such a sea of colour.

March 2015 184 March 2015 197 March 2015 185 March 2015 201


We served food from all different countries on the day to children and parents.March 2015 296March 2015 279March 2015 194March 2015 269March 2015 295March 2015 234March 2015 273March 2015 216



We had a fantastic day.

We went on a walking tour of Athenry.Our town is so steeped in History and there is so much to see that it took us a full day to see all the sights and complete the tour.We started off at the bronze time capsule outside our school and went on to market cross, where local historian Seamus gave us a brief history of Athenry and the Market Cross.

March 2015 454March 2015 459March 2015 457

Seamus gave us the keys to the Dominican Abbey and we explored the graves.We went from there to a guided tour of Athenry Castle and then had a well earned lunch in the park.After that we went to Lorro Gate and got some Mr.Freezes on the way back to school.We needed to cool down after all that walking.

March 2015 517March 2015 462March 2015 523March 2015 526March 2015 485March 2015 487

We had such a busy month in June so here is a quick overview of other things we got up to during the month

We finished our knitted wall hanging of Athenry Castle and presented it to the ladies in Athenry Castle to exibit for the Summer months.They were delighted.

March 2015 580March 2015 582March 2015 584

We finished our jumpers for Peru and gave then to Sr.Eileen.She came and gave us a talk on Peru.She told us all about life in Peru and where our jumpers will be going.

March 2015 416 March 2015 419 March 2015 424 March 2015 426 March 2015 436 March 2015 429 March 2015 441

We finished up knitting for the year and had a tea party with our knitting ladies to thank them for all their hard word.5th class bought a cake to thank them.It’s a pretty cool cake.

March 2015 542 March 2015 547 March 2015 549


We had our Cash for Clobber for this term.We raised 425 euro for the school.We filled the van with all the bags.March 2015 553

March 2015 555March 2015 558

Martyna and Tara  look  ready to head off.March 2015 569

March 2015 571


Mrs Monson had nothing to do.Even signing the receipt was covered by Abbie.

March 2015 576

We did a fantastic job of painting the mural at the front of the school along with the other senior classes..It looks so colourful.

March 2015 494 March 2015 495 March 2015 496 March 2015 453So that is the end of our year in 5th class.

We look forward to 6th class and whatever the new year will bring.


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