January in 5th class

Welcome 2015

We all had a great Christmas holiday and got to relax and sleep in and get up late.So what better way to shake things up and wake us up for the new year than a bit of Zumba dancing.Thanks to Sharon Higgins we got to have two great Zumba classes.Sharon used all our favourite songs as backing tracks.We were wide awake and ready for the next part of our school year after our Zumba dancing.Jan  2015 005 Jan  2015 016 Jan  2015 008 Jan  2015 007

We studied Pompeii in History this month and Volcanoes in Geography.We made our own volcanoes out of clay in art.We all enjoyed making our own Mount Vesuvius.Jan  2015 047


However we had to just make them erupt in Science.This was the fun part.It was a bit messy and very smelly but still a lot of fun.We enjoyed seeing our volcanoes erupt and the red lava flow down the sides.Jan  2015 024 Jan  2015 026 Jan  2015 034

We had some great snowfalls in January and some of us got up early to make snowmen before school in the morning.Our school looks so beautiful in the snow.Jan  2015 020 Jan  2015 021 Jan  2015 022

January was a month that we celebrated Catholic Schools Week.On the Wednesday we invited in our grandparents for Grandparents Day.We enjoyed listening to them talk about their lives long ago and especially what school was like.Very interesting.I think we realised how lucky we are today and how easier things are compared to our grandparents time.

We put on a little show for them of music,poetry,dance and song.We all had a great time.We love our grandparents.Jan  2015 048 Jan  2015 049 Jan  2015 050 Jan  2015 051 Jan  2015 052 Jan  2015 053

We made a display in our classroom for them and displayed some of our knitting.Jan  2015 054



See  what Michelle knitted.How proud she looks.Jan  2015 056


As you can see we are still busy knitting away.January was the month for knitted hats.Dont they look great?Jan  2015 059


At the end of January Mrs Hennesseys class introduced the Food Dudes to us.We have to eat various fruit and vegetables every week and we get prizes.It’s great fun.Here we are digging into so tasty bananas and peppers.Jan  2015 058 Jan  2015 057

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