Incredible Edibles

Incredible Edibles by Ms Moloney

This year, Senior Infants in Rm5 took on the Incredible Edibles programme. It involved 5 tasks both in school and at home. The tasks made us more aware of the food we were eating and challenged us to include more fruit and vegetables into our diet. Task 1 involved investigating a food origin – we looked at where chocolate comes from and the process it goes through to get from bean to bar. Task 2 was an at home task, we had to go shopping with moms and dads and see if our fruits and vegetables had the Bord Bia Quality Mark, what country they came from and also whether or not they were in season. Task 3 was very hands on, the growing element! We planted all of our Incredible Edible fruits and vegetables in small containers and left them to grow first in the classroom and then in the school outdoor garden. Task 4 was by far the most fun, we had to write a recipe using fruits and vegetables and we came back with some yummy yummy recipes for starters, main courses and desserts! Rm5 could open a restaurant! Task 5 was Healthy Eating week and we got the whole school involved in filling in a healthy eating diary logging their 5 portions of fruits or vegetables for a whole week, We were very successful!Overall the Incredible Edibles programme was a huge success in Rm5, we learned so much about where our food comes from and why it is so important to eat our 5 a day!

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