How daffodils feed…..

Science Experiment

In the last few weeks, we have seen lots of new flowers growing. This is because Spring is finally starting to arrive.

One type of flower we notice a lot is the Daffodil. It’s is such a beautiful, tall colourful flower. Miss Feeney has lots of them growing in her garden so she brought some in to display in our room. That’s when we decided to figure out how they grow big and tall by feeding on the water and nutrients they find in the soil.

We watched a powerpoint on the parts of a daffodil, it’s roots and bulb live under the soil, it shoots up and grows a very tall green stem, then when it flowers it has beautiful yellow petals and a trumpet.

To show how the daffodil feeds on water, Miss Feeney added red food colouring to a vase of water and told us to check the daffodils the next morning.

This is what was waiting for us………….. AMAZING!

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