Historians in 4th Class B!

We are very busy researching the history of education in Athenry Town. Last week we went on a SESE walk and visited some of the old school sites around the town.

Our first stop was at this site on Court Lane. Behind this wall, children went to Watty’s Hedge School in the 18th and 19th Centuries.
Next, we walked to the Ball Alley located in Abbey Row. The first Department of Education school was built on this site. There was a section in the school for boys and another section for girls!
We continued our walk to Daybreak. We learned that there was a Boys School on this site before it became a shop. Many of our grandfathers and fathers went to school there!

Finally, we returned to our school grounds and learned that The Sacred Heart School, which was opened by the Presentation Sisters in 1910, was located on our top playground. Girls went to school there and boys attended until second class!

Our current school opened in 1980. An extension was built in 2010.
This week we are continuing our research by examining the old roll books!
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