Health Promoting Committee

Health Promoting Committee 2017-2018

Mrs Hennessys’ Third Class girls comprise the Health Promoting Committee. Their motto is Healthy Body Strong Mind Go Better Together. 

The Committee post news and information to their noticeboard which is situated in the school hall

Health Promoting Committee Activities 2017-2018

Sports Day June 2018

The HPC were very busy during Active Schools Week making sure that all the children of our school drank water and kept hydrated during  a very hot week! They led by example of course and drank lots of water out in St Anns.

Trick or Treat for Temple Street

The Health Promoting committee organised a fundraiser for Temple Street Children’s Hospital on Friday, October the 27th. They raised 787 euro for Temple Street. Take a look at some of the creative and rather ‘spooky’ costumes our SCN pupils wore in order to support this fantastic cause.

Emma from Mrs Hennessy’s Third Class presented the cheque to Temple Street In November.

Our Healthy School Committee 2015 – 2016

Our school implemented the two year Healthy Promoting School Programme under the guidance of Mrs Hennessy’s third and fourth class (Healthy School Committee). Their motto is Healthy Body Strong Mind Go Better Together. Their Action Plan was as follows:

  • To revise our healthy eating policy
  • To carry out research on sugar content in various drinks (see below)
  • To encourage the school community to drink more water.
  • To become better fruit and veg eaters with the assistance of the Food Dudes Programme.
  • To enhance our environment by painting a large mural and games on playground.
  • To plant more trees, flowers and shrubs on our school campus.
  • To highlight our school as a bullying free zone especially during Anti Bullying week
  • To implement the Fun Friends, Friends for Life and the Zippy’s Friends programmes which teach children to cope with difficulties, to build resilience and to manage anxiety.
  • To become an active school and to achieve the Active School Flag.
  • To provide a variety of workshops for the children such as nutrition, well being, origami, bird watching, zumba, kinex, lego, canine buddies, sean nos dancing, cycling, visita from authors etc.

The programme assessor, Fiona Falvey presented our Healthy School Flag to us on Monday the 20th of June  in recognition of our commitment and hard work.

Research Project 2015/6

The Healthy School Committee have done major research on the amount of sugar in different juices. They have displayed their findings on a noticeboard in the hall. The following are some of many interesting facts about their study:

  • Capri Sun contains 5 teaspoons of sugar
  • A small bottle of club lemon contains 15 teaspoons of sugar
  • A small bottle of Coca cola has 13 teaspoons of sugar
  • Water has no sugar

The Healthy School Committee with the help of Mrs. Hennessey also carried out a daily survey on the number of children in each class who drank water each day during Active School Week. An award was given to the class who drank the most water.

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