Green School Committee

Green School Committee

About our Green School

We have been involved in the Green School Project since the year 2000 and since then, we have amassed an impressive 7 green flags. Our Green School projects were based on the following themes: Litter, Waste, Energy, Water, Travel and Biodiversity, Global Citizenship and Energy (revised with an emphasis on Climate Change, Social Justice, Inequality, Trade and Fair Trade). We are committed to being a Green School and our aim is to teach the children to respect their environment and to hopefully put into practice as adults what they have learned in school

Our slogan is: Think Globally Act Locally

We are a very active green school. The following are an example of some of the ways that we work to make our world a more sustainable place to live in:

  • Reduce, recycle and reuse waste where possible
  • Equip classrooms with recycling, compost and general waste bins
  • Conserve water and heat
  • Walk to school once a month
  • Bring home all lunch packaging and bottles and reuse them
  • Recycle batteries and mobile phones
  • Collect annually for four Cash for Clobbers
  • Provided high-vis jackets to all pupils
  • Plant flower baskets and pots around the school
  • Grow vegetables every year in Spring in our garden.
  • Maintain a bug hotel and a composter
  • Teamed up with the Athenry tidy towns in helping to keep Athenry a beautiful town by cleaning up around our school walls every day and planting trees around Athenry
  • Plant a tree for National Tree Day on our grounds every year
  • Take part in the National Spring Clean in April

Programme of Work 2018-2019

by Mrs Greally

And here is the Green School Committee for this school year…..

Mrs Greally is the Green school Co-ordinator for 2018 2019 and is assisted by fourth class.

The Green school committee are a very busy bunch! As well as trying to maintain our 7 previous green flag themes , they are aiming for our 8th green flag on the theme of ‘Global citizenship- the marine environment’. We will know in the next few months if they have succeeded in getting it!

Here are a few things that they have been getting up to!

  • Generating awareness around the school on how to keep our school a green school.
  • Showed our support for a local Greenway
  • Organised a Walk to School in October
  • Battery collections for WEE Ireland
  • Cash for Clobber collections
  • monthly litter clean ups around our school, convent and church grounds
  • Completed a local park litter clean up in December
  • Made and hung up Christmas decorations for the Athenry Tidy Towns Christmas trees
  • Made a toy and book collection and donated them to the local charity shop.
  • Did a temperature check of different areas of the school building during different times of the day.
  • Replaced plastic cups and cutlery with re-useable cups and cutlery
  • Replaced plastic hand wash dispensers with bars of soap
  • They are currently doing lots of interesting lessons and project work on the theme of the Marine Environment
  • They will complete a 4 hour Marine explorers workshop.
  • The committee will be carrying out surveys on plastic bottles and plastic lunch wrappings in lunchboxes.
  • They will conduct surveys on Marine Litter
  • They will collect plastic rubbish and turn it into art.
  • Through an action day, the committee will showcase their work for SCN’s 8th Green School flag. They will be encouraging all staff and pupils to eliminate plastic bottles and lunch wrappings from lunchboxes on that day.
  • The Green School committee will continue to work hard to achieve our 8th Green flag and will let us all know how they get on!!


Heres a look at us in action!

We strive to keep our school environment clean and beautiful

Walk to School October 2018

We organized a monster walk to school in October to generate awareness of thinking green!

We have encouraged the pupils of SCN to reuse Cutlery and Delph

We have organised a monster Cash for Clobber

We decorated Christmas Trees around Athenry in conjunction with the Tidy towns Committee. we also donated old toys and books to the local charity shop.

Programme of Work 2017-2018

And here is the Green School Committee for this school year…..

Ms Murray is the Green school Co-ordinator and is assisted by fifth class. The Green School Committee are currently working on our eight Green Flag, which is based on Global Citizenship with a focus on the Marine Environment. Last year’s committee visited the Galway Atlantaquarium for an Explorers Animal Anatomy Workshop. A staff member from Galway Atlantaquarium also provided a follow-on workshop in the school.

Cash for Clobber

The Green School Committee organise a Cash for clobber each term. Our school community dig deep into their presses, wardrobes, and hot presses to gather together unwanted clothes, shoes, bedding and other household items. These events are always a great success and a you can see from the following photos the committee love filling up the C 4 C van!!

Helping to keep our school environment beautiful 

The Green School Committee are on yard duty each day ensuring that both the yards are free of litter. They bring the green yard bins in and out before and after each break and make sure that the pupils of the school put their fruit peelings in the bin.

Park and Stride Days: European Mobility Week

The Green School Committee distributed Hi-Vis Vests to all the children in Junior infants this year. They organised some Park and Stride Days for the whole school community from Kenny Park.

The staff and pupils of SCN took part in their first ‘Walk to School’ day on Friday, September 22nd as part of European Mobility Week. The theme for this week focusses on ‘sharing’. By using shared forms of transport we can reduce our expenses and lower our carbon footprint. Best of all, we can meet new people and make our journey more sociable! With that in mind, we joined the other town primary schools to mark this occasion and gathered in Kenny Park Stadium to meet some local councillors and several players from the winning Galway minor hurling team.   

Green School Committee Yard Duties

As part of our commitment to keeping our school grounds looking clean and safe, we make sure that there is no rubbish left behind on the junior and senior yards after both breaks. We bring the compost green bins out to the yard each day and encourage the pupils to use them. Aoibhe from the Green School Committee can be seen in the picture below, putting fruit peelings into the green bin.


  • The GSC organised a Used Battery Collection. throughout the school
  • From September 2018 there will no longer be a Paper Copy of the Newsletter sent home in the children’s bags. This is in line with our Green School Philosophy. The newsletter will continue to be posted to the Website.

Green School Activities 2016 – 2017


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