February in 5th class

February brought a few tasty treats and a lot of History.

The Book Fair came to us at the beginning of the month and on that Friday we all got to dress up as a character from a book.We had a great day and everyone put  a huge effort into their costumes.

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We read about  Hotdogs in English and how they got their name.On the Friday during Book Week we all got to enjoy a hotdog.Some loved them and others were not so sure.We put on our favourite sauces and sat back and relaxed.

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We enjoyed Pankcake Tuesday also and got to fill and decorate our own pancakes.Yumm!

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Wendy came and gave us a few lessons on Tag Rugby.We needed the exercise after all that eating.We will be joining up with 4th and 6th class to play a rugby blitz in March.We are looking forward to it.We really enjoy rugby.

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In History this month we studied the Normans and looked at the History of Athenry castle. We studied where the Normans came from and their impact on Ireland and changes they made to our country. They weren’t all bad.

Alan Burgess and Dr.Jim Mc Keon from the Heritage Centre in Athenry paid us a visit and did a workshop with us on the Normans in Athenry.It was really interesting.They showed us loads of slides of armour  ,Norman castles and maps of how Athenry would have looked long ago.

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Martina got to try on a chainmail and Norman helmet.

Jan  2015 089 Jan  2015 092

Everyone got to inspect the chainmail and try on the helmet.Very heavy.

Jan  2015 095

We think Aibhes nose got a bit squashed.

We started constructing Norman castles.There are 7 groups with  four children in each group.Mrs Monson is running  a competition and Dr.Jim McKeon from the Heritage Centre is coming back to judge them.You will have to wait until next months post to see the final reault and find out who the winners are.

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Time to relax and unwind in the sun for a while.

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