Environmental Awareness and Care

Our Walk to School!!

Planting vegetables and wildflowers in Scoil Chroí Naofa

Despite the school being closed, Scoil Chroí Naofa went ahead with planting vegetables in our new polyhouse, kindly built by Jack, our caretaker. To cut down on maintenance during the current situation only potatoes and onions were planted today with the hope that other varieties of vegetables will be planted when everyone returns. With spring in full swing we hope to have a bumper crop of both vegetables by the time school reopens!

Now look at all the vegetables!!

Flowers around the school

As well as vegetables wild flowers were planted in pots to be placed around the school. These wild flowers are loved by bees and are an important source of food for them. Bees, such an important pollinator for many types of plants in our local environment are unfortunately under threat from climate change and human activity. Planting these flowers is a small but hopefully valuable gesture in helping bees thrive and pollinate this spring.

Incredible Edibles Family Competition

Ruby (5th class), Andrew (Senior Infants) and their brother Harry, a past pupil, entered an Incredible Edibles Family competition and were selected to appear on the Incredible Edibles website and Agriaware social media sites. Check out the link below and scroll down the home page to see and read about them https://www.incredibleedibles.ie/#

Emelia has the Green Fingers!!

Well done to Emelia from 2nd Class who planted and grew these fantastic runner beans way back when the schools closed!! These runner beans even featured on RTE!!

Green School Committee

Our Green School Committee have been extremely busy over the last few months as they work towards securing an 8th green flag for our school. They have been researching the effects of pollution on our marine environment and have created a fantastic, informative project on this theme which is currently on display in our school hall. They have organized a ‘ No Plastic’ Day in SCN for tomorrow in an effort to encourage us all to get into the habit of using reusable containers and bags. We are learning so much from the committee as they speak to us every morning at assembly. Well done, girls and of course. Mrs Greally!

4th class are kept busy keeping our school green!!

Experiment to show the effect oil has on feathers!!

Fourth class found out that oil spillage in the oceans have a negative effect on sea birds making their feathers gloopy and heavy disabling them from flying!!

Incredible Edibles kicks off in Senior Infants

This year, Rm5 will be taking part in the Incredible Edibles program.

Our first task involved studying a food origin. We looked into where does chocolate come from? It was so interesting, we never knew that chocolate started off as a bean!

In groups we then numbered pictures 1-6 to show the stages of how chocolate comes from bean to bar – we love working collaboratively!!

After all that hard work we had built up an appetite! We put our research into practice and tasted some delicious chocolate  

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