Energy and Forces


Junior and Senior Infants had great fun playing with magnets and going on a magnet hunt around the classroom!!

Senior Infants: Forces

In Rm 5 we were asked to bring in a teddy for a special lesson. The lesson was all about the forces of pushing and pulling and learning about the different ways we push and pull. We had so much fun and we loved having our teddies in to keep us company as we learning new exciting things.

Junior Infants- Room 2: Magnets

We were learning about magnets and we went on a magnet trail to see what things stuck to our magnets. There are lots of things in our room that are magnetic!

Junior Infants-Room 2: Sound

We made our own musical instruments in Junior Infants using mostly recyclable materials. It was great fun and then we marched around the room like a marching band practicing for St. Patrick’s Day.

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