Technology experiments/ activities

Check out the short movie Junior Infants made with the help of their teachers using the green screen!!

Beebots during Maths week!!

Ipad fun!!

BeeBots Visit Rm5!!

May 23, 2019/Uncategorized/Scoil AuthorEdit

We were lucky today to have a visit from the BeeBots. We got into 4 groups, with each table having a different activity for us to use with the BeeBots and we swapped tables until each group had a go and each table. It was so much fun and we learned so much about inputting the directions for the BeeBot.

Junior Infants: Little Photographers

Today the Junior Infants in Room 1 became photographers. We have spent a long while now learning about Spring in SESE and we know well how to use our iPads, so today we combined the two!!

During iPad time, we took the iPads outside of the school, into the yard and the front garden, and took some photographs. We were looking for an signs of Spring- daffodils, blossoms, insects, butterflies……

We worked in pairs, taking turns at photographing and helping each other find a good shot!

Miss Feeney took photos of us learning this new skill. Photography is a great way of record keeping- now we have our own photos of the “signs of Spring”.

We love designing and making things in Scoil Chroí Naofa!!

Look at all the materials we used to design and make our projects for Engineer’s Week!! We used wood, metals, plastic and many more types of materials!!

Enjoying Ipads in 4th class!!

The school have recently purchased a set of Ipads. We decided to carry out a country study on China to celebrate The Chinese New Year. We enjoyed looking up facts about Chinese culture and traditions on the Ipads!

Recording and analysing data collected!!

The Green school committee were busy using their maths skills, to find out the percentage of children and staff who had reusable drink bottles and lunchboxes.

Fourth class were busy recording the temperatures in each room in Scoil Chroí Naofa.

Lego Club!!

March 4, 2019/Junior ClassesScience/Scoil AuthorEdit

On Friday, we were very lucky to have Una and Darren from Bricks 4 Kids visit our class. They allowed us to become electronic engineers for the afternoon.

We followed instructions to build a car from Lego, when we achieved that step we put an electronic element on our cars and so they were able to drive by themselves. It was amazing!

Thanks to Ms. Tyrrell, Mr. Naughton, Mrs. Kennedy and the Parents Council for organising this experience for us for Engineers Week.

First class using a digital microscope, magnifying glass and pooters to look at minibeast!

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