December in 5th class 2014

December was a very busy month in 5th class.

We started the month by decorating the Christmas trees in Athenry town.We were delighted again this year to be asked by the Athenry Lights Committee to decorate the trees.We enlisted the help of 3rd to 6th.Then on a very wet December day we headed off doen the town with members of the Christmas Lights Committee to decorate the trees.Despite the rain we really enjoyed ourselves and were very proud of ourselves with the finished product.

We hope you got a chance over the Christmas to read some of the wishes written by children in our school on the trees.dECEMBER 2014 007dECEMBER 2014 010dECEMBER 2014 013dECEMBER 2014 009


We were very busy since the end of October learning numerous songs for The Hallelujah Choir.Finally the day came in December when we ,along with 3rd to 6th class, headed upto City West in Dublin for the big concert.We were so excited.We really enjoyed our day and got to see loads of other performers and even supported them in a few songs.Some of us even got to meet the new boyband HOMETOWN who performed on

the night.

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 We had our Christmas Concert in December too in the school and got to perform a selection of songs for all the school and at night for our parents.


We made some beautiful cribs for our Christmas Art and moulded the figures out of clay.dECEMBER 2014 048dECEMBER 2014 051dECEMBER 2014 053dECEMBER 2014 054dECEMBER 2014 055dECEMBER 2014 056

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