Cyber Bullying




Cyber Bullying is an issue for families, the community and society in general. Schools are a cog in the wheel. Schools can make a meaningful contribution but parents ultimately must assume responsibility for the actions of their children. It is the task of parents to supervise and teach their children in relation to cyber bullying and its consequences. This is an issue for families, the community, society and schools.

Cyber Bullying is a new phenomenon and should be treated as high priority. It may be argued that cyber bullying is taking place outside the school gates; the reality is that the impact of this activity, in a lot of cases, is being felt inside the school gates. Cyber Bullying must be understood as a behaviour issue, not a technology problem.

Guidelines are currently being prepared by the Department of Education and Skills on bullying. This report will include all types of bullying and recommends 16 immediate actions schools can take and 16 immediate actions parents can take. These will be issued to schools for the new academic year 2013/2014. In the meantime our school community is drafting a policy at present in consultation with all stakeholders and will be reviewed next year when the guidelines are published.


The Staff of Scoil Chroí Naofa aim

  • To teach the children the knowledge and skills to be able to use ICT effectively, safely and responsibly
  • To ensure that the children are safe and feel safe from bullying, harassment and discrimination.
  • To help the victim harmed to feel safe again.
  • To hold the bully to account, so as to recognise the harm caused and not to repeat the behaviour.
  • To hold bystander bully to account also.
  • To ensure that pupils, staff and parents understand what cyber bullying is and how it can be combated
  • To ensure that practices and procedures are agreed to prevent incidents of cyber bullying of pupils and staff.
  • To demonstrate that cyber bullying, as any other form of bullying, is unacceptable and that the school has effective ways of dealing with it.
  • To ensure that reported incidents of cyber bullying are dealt with effectively and quickly.
  • To educate and upskill staff and parents on Cyber Bullying and privacy settings.

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