Children Showcasing Their Work

Science Week 2021

Junior Infants made straw rockets and launched them for 6th class. They were so excited and so proud of their rockets. 

Engineers Week!

The Junior Infants loved sharing their knowledge about the different types of engineers in the world!

Science Week!!

It’s Science Week in SCN! Miss Tyrell launched Science Week on Monday with the help of rockets built by the girls in Sixth Class. Each day at morning assembly, a class performs a Science experiment for the whole school and explains the science behind it. We are learning many interesting things and being challenged with some difficult questions! We are having lots of fun!!! 

On Monday, Senior Infants showed us how germs spread!!

On Tuesday, 6th class showed us their rockets that they made from
polyethylene pipe insulation! They also measured the distance that their rockets went.

On Wednesday, the Junior Infants showed us their amazing shapes which they made using matchsticks and marshmallows. They came to the conclusion that the triangle shape is the strongest.

On Thursday, 4th class showed us how to inflate a balloon using vinegar and baking soda. When they are mixed together they create a gas called carbon dioxide which inflates the balloon.

On Friday, first class showed us how to make butter from cream and senior infants showed us how to make paper helicopters. They explained gravity to us. Overall it was a great week and we learnt a lot!!


Green School Committee Assembly

The Green School Committee have a busy week ahead as they work towards securing our 8th SCN Green flag. This morning at assembly, they spoke to us about the importance of taking care of our Marine Environment. A very beautiful and environmentally concerned mermaid named Marina, was interviewed by the GSC and we learned a lot of interesting facts about marine pollution. This Thursday, we will have a no plastics day where everyone is encouraged to bring reusable containers and drink bottles to school.

Our Green School Committee have been extremely busy over the last few months as they work towards securing an 8th green flag for our school. They have been researching the effects of pollution on our marine environment and have created a fantastic, informative project on this theme which is currently on display in our school hall. They have organized a ‘ No Plastic’ Day in SCN for tomorrow in an effort to encourage us all to get into the habit of using reusable containers and bags. We are learning so much from the committee as they speak to us every morning at assembly. Well done, girls and of course. Mrs Greally!

Green School Are On A Mission!!

The Green School Committee spoke to us today about reusing school cups, spoons and saucers! They are encouraging us to bring our own spoons to school!

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