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Incredible Edibles with 5th/6th

Follow this classes journey as they took over our SCN hothouse and took part in the Incredible Edibles programme….

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Magnet fun!!

Junior Infants used a variety of magnets to explore their effect on different materials. They used the magnets to investigate if an object was magnetic or non magnetic.

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Exploring the Constellations.

5th and 6th class girls exploring the constellations in the night sky via the class iPads. Anyone can use this free software to explore the night sky on any device. Just go to

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Learning about Capacity in Room 8

This week we began learning all about capacity in First Class. We began by experimenting with different sized containers and seeing which held the most and which held the least. We also learned how to estimate a containers capacity and then measure it to see if we were right. It was a lot of fun […]

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Harnessing the power of the winter sun!

The girls in 5th and 6th class were learning about solar energy. They used the knowledge gained last week in creating a Volta battery to connect up a circuit to the solar panel to light some LEDs.

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