Busy Scientists in Room 3!!!

Science Experiments

The children in Room 3 love science experiments. Here we are colouring and cutting out our snake spirals. We are going to place them over the radiators. As the warm air rises the snakes over the heat source spin. The snakes not over a heat source will not spin.

We also learnt about the life- cycle of a frog. Here we are busy sequencing the different steps involved. 20160225_113309 (640x360) 20160225_113316 (640x360) 20160225_113320 (640x360) 20160225_113325 (640x360) 20160301_125215 (360x640) 20160301_125232 (360x640) 20160301_125241 (360x640) 20160301_125259 (640x360)

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