WE ARE A GREEN SCHOOL with 7 green flags

One of our millennium projects was to become involved in the Green School Programme. We have been awarded seven flags based on the following themes: Litter & Waste, Renewal, Energy, Water, Travel and Biodiversity and Global Citizenship with an emphasis on Climate Change, Social Justice, Inequality, Trade and Fair Trade. We all have a responsibility in looking after our environment and everyone can make a difference.  Mrs. Greally is the current Green School Coordinator, assisted by her fourth class.

We in Scoil Chroí Naofa have become friends of the environment by

  • Keeping our school clean and tidy.
  • Disposing of our waste in the correct bins.
  • Saving electricity.
  • Making the best use of heat
  • Conserving water in our school.
  • Enhancing our school environment.
  • Walking to school whenever we can or using Park and Stride
  • Protecting biodiversity in our local area
  • Thinking globally and acting locally


Our school has participated in the Discovery Primary Science Programme for several years. Teachers in various classes teach their pupils many interesting science lessons and the children have the opportunity to carry out a wide variety of scientific experiments. Hence our school has been awarded five Discovery Science Awards of Excellence. In recent years, the programme required mathematics to be integrated into science lessons. We have been awarded three Discovery Science & Maths Awards of Excellence.

In 2015, Ms Tyrrell our science co-ordinator with the assistance of the staff and children applied for our ninth award. Staff had to ensure that technology, engineering and mathematics is incorporated into our teaching and learning in science.

As of May 2018, we have a total of 12 Discovery Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths Awards of Excellence.  


We were the fourth school in Co. Galway to receive the Digital Schools Award which recognises excellence in our approach to the integration of ICT in learning, teaching and in administration.   In 2014, we secured a second award called the Digital Schools of Distinction Award, in acknowledgement of our high standards as an e-learning school.

WE ARE AN ACTIVE SCHOOL with an active school flag

A new committee called the Active School Committee was established in the school in 2015. Mr. McDonald is the Co-Ordinator assisted by Mrs Greally.  Their slogan is Be active! Keep active! Stay active! We participated in a two years Active School Programme and received our Active School Flag in 2016. The Active School flag committee has 3 aims:

  • To make sure that everybody takes part in some kind of activity during or after school, e.g. walking, cycling, swimming, running or playing,
  • To help children be more active inside and outside of school. It is recommended that children have at least 60 minutes of activity every day.
  • To make sure we have fun while getting more active. It’s much easier to be active if you’re having fun doing it!

We have an Active School Week in June where children are encouraged to be active at home, at school and at play. Check out the ASC page under ‘Committees’ for more information on the work of the committee.

WE ARE A HEALTHY SCHOOL with a health promoting school flag

Our school implemented the two year Health Promoting School Programme under the guidance of Mrs Hennessy’s third and fourth class in 2015 and 2016 (Healthy School Committee). Their motto is : Healthy Body Strong Mind Go Better Together. We achieved our Healthy School Flag on June 20th 2016. Our school continues to implement the key points of the committee action plan Action Plan which was as follows:

  • To revise our healthy eating policy
  • To carry out research on sugar content in various drinks (see below)
  • To encourage the school community to drink more water.
  • To become better fruit and veg eaters with the assistance of the Food Dudes Programme.
  • To enhance our environment by painting a large mural and games on playground.
  • To plant more trees, flowers and shrubs on our school campus.
  • To highlight our school as a bullying free zone especially during Anti Bullying week
  • To implement the Fun Friends, Friends for Life and the Zippy’s Friends programmes which teach children to cope with difficulties, to build resilience and to manage anxiety.
  • To become an active school and to achieve the Active School Flag.
  • To provide a variety of workshops for the children such as nutrition, well being, origami, bird watching, zumba, kinex, lego, canine buddies, sean nos dancing, cycling, visita from authors etc.

WE ARE ENTREPRENEURS with our JEP flag flying high

Mrs Monson’s 6th class took part this year in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP) for the first time. JEP is an entrepreneurial awareness & skills enhancement programme for primary school children over a 12 week period. The children were encouraged to become critical thinkers, to identify a diverse range of strengths & talents, to engage in teamwork & collaboration and to reflect on their learning. Over the 12 weeks the children came up with their own business ideas out of which five ideas were selected. The ideas were presented to our three dragons: Mrs Cronin, Mrs O’ Sullivan and Sarah Walls from Gúna Geal. It was a great day. The winning products chosen were Choc Pops and Easter cups. The next phase was design and costings. The school gave a start up loan of €300. Then it was a very busy two weeks of production where the 6th class room was turned into a hive of activity. Finally the products were showcased & sold to the whole school and the girls raised over €1,400. They paid back their €300 loan to the school and donated €200 to Athenry Cancer Care. The remaining profits were divided between the 6th class girls. Each girl has made €45 approx. It was a fantastic programme and an overall  great learning experience for all involved. Special thanks to Shane O’Neill of SolarHomes who shared his Entrepreneurial Story with the girls. Thanks also to staff, parents and children who supported 6th class by purchasing their product. The class have just been awarded a flag, a plaque and certificates in recognition of all their commitment, dedication and hard work.


Look at all the healthy children who have not missed any school days!

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