Autumn in Junior Infants

The Junior Infants have had a great time since starting school in September. They have been very busy and have made lots of friends. Here they all are together:

IMG_0264 (640x480)

During September and October, we were very busy learning all about Autumn and if you visited our classroom, you would have seen leaves falling down from the ceiling. Harry the hedgehog also joined us in our room and now he is hibernating for the winter.

IMG_0237 (640x480) IMG_0239 (640x480)


We were also very lucky to have a visit from John who taught us how to play some soccer games. Here we are showing off our soccer skills.

IMG_0244 (640x480)

IMG_0245 (480x640) IMG_0249 (640x480)


On the day of the midterm holidays, we walked to school from Kenny Park scaring the residents of Athenry on the way. Some of us were unrecognisable! Have a look and see if you can tell who is who!

IMG_0262 (640x480) IMG_0263 (640x480)


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