April in 5th class

We had new guests arrive in the month of April to join our class for a few weeks.6 lavre came to spend some time with us.They have already grown into catepillars and we hope in the next few weeks to watch the different stages of their cycle.When they eventually grow into beautiful butterflies we hope to bring them to Athenry park and release them.It’s great to be able to witness the different stages of the Lifecycle of a Butterfly for ourselves.

March 2015 112One day this month Mrs Monson was getting a bit annoyed with us as she was teaching Maths and some of us kept looking out the window.When she went over to close the blinds so we would concentrate she realised what had got our attention.Parked outside our school on the main road was this amazing sight….

March 2015



So in order to feed our curiousity she asked the driver if he wouldn’t mind if the class came out to look at these strange objects and to explain to the class what they were.The drivers name was Liam Furey and he was more than delighted to talk to us.They were parts of a wind turbine that were made here in Athenry and were on their way to Italy.He told us all about them and their construction and the different countries they export to.We couldn’t believe it when Aibhe in our calss told us that her dad works for the company and helped design them and Tara in our classes dad helped weld them together.How amazing is that.He let us explore them and touch them.They were massive.We look so small beside them.


March 2015 104March 2015 103March 2015 109March 2015 109


Zoe couldn’t help a bit of photo bombing.

March 2015 105

Celia and Pat from the Athenry Tidy Towns Committee brought us down to the park and gave us a talk on the purpose of the Athenry Tidy Towns Committee and the various projects they have been involved in and what they are currently doing.They are a very busy committee and Athenry looks so beautiful because of all their hard work.We helped tidy the park after the talk.

March 2015 083 March 2015 080 March 2015 088 March 2015 096 March 2015 085

We painted glass jars for art and crafta nd some of us filled them with coloured salt that we made in class.Don’t they look amazing.

March 2015 117 March 2015 120 March 2015 121

We are busy finishing our knitted wall hanging of Athenry castle at the moment.All to be revealed later .We  are busy also knitting small jumpers for toddlers and babies.We are helping the knitting group of Athenry along with Maura Hardiman to knit these jumpers for the poor in Peru in South America.They are called the ‘fish and chip’ babies because when they are born they are wrapped in newspaper because they are so poor.We are so glad to help and can’t believe that some ba

by or toddler in a few months in the mountains of  Peru will be wearing our jumpers that we knitted with such care and love.We will show you all the finished jumpers next month.Here is just a taste.

March 2015 101 March 2015 126 March 2015 127

March 2015 115March 2015 098

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