Anti-Bullying Newsletter November 2015

Scoil Chroí Naofa

Athenry, Co Galway

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We are celebrating Anti-Bullying Week this week from Monday the 16th to Friday the 20th of November. The theme/idea is for children to make noise about bullying whether it is happening to them or someone else. Our Anti-Bullying Policy and our Cyber Bullying Policy is available for viewing on our website. Bullying is defined as unwanted negative behaviour, verbal, physical, social, emotional, psychological or cyber conducted, by an individual or group against another person (or persons) and which is repeated over time.


The following are a list of the activities that are taking place in the school this week:

  • There is  an assembly every morning where we focus on the definition of bullying, different types of bullying (physical, verbal, social and cyber), the role of the  bystander, bully and victim, how to deal with bullying, etc. Some of the staff and pupils dramatise a sketch every morning illustrating real examples of bullying that are familiar to them.
  • Classes contribute to morning assemblies by sharing songs, poems and stories based on a bullying theme.
  • Children are reminded about our respect rule of using kind hands kind feet and kind words.
  • Our Scoil Chroí Naofa Anti Bullying Pledge has been revised
  • The children recite the anti bullying promise each day.
  • The staff are teaching many interesting lessons on this topic from the Stay Safe Programme.
  • Teachers are modelling the concept of positive self talk, while exploring choices to problem solve.
  • Children are learning five ways to solve a bullying incident using the helping hand diagram i.e. no, walk away, make noise, tell someone and bang the bully is gone.
  • Children are learning about five people to approach when looking for help using the  other helping hand diagram i.e. teacher, principal, parents, friend, or  someone special
  • F for feelings,
  • R remember to relax
  • I can do it and try my best to change red thoughts into green thoughts.
  • E for encourage, I can take small baby steps
  • N for nurture, there are many special in our life who can help me learn and try new things
  • D don’t forget to practise relaxing, creating green thoughts & making a plan to be brave
  • S for smile and stay calm for life because I know the skills of the FRIENDS PLAN.
  • The Diversity Committee in Mrs. Greally’s Class are present on the playground at both breaks wearing their yellow bibs. Their role is to buddy children in the yard. They also made posters with anti bullying slogans and displayed them in the hall. They also created a paper chain of kindness. They gave each class a strip of coloured paper where the children had to write a kind word or sentence. They assembled the 344 links together as a decoration in the hall.
  • Staff and children are participating in the Random Act of Kindness (secret friend) Activity. Each day a child picks a child’s name out of a box where he/she is encouraged to carry out an act of kindness towards that person. Staff are doing likewise with another staff member for the week.
  • Homework is given to children each night and discussed the following day e.g. how did you show kindness to your Mum, Dad, sisters and or brothers.
  • The Fair Play Award will be presented to children and staff who make a special effort in being extra kind this week.
  • The Healthy School Committee in Mrs. Hennessey’s class have organised an Anti Bullying Poster Competition.
  • Friday will be called blue Friday where staff, children  and parents are encouraged  to wear blue as a statement of peace and solidarity in support of creating school community where people will “Stand up and be a friend for others.” Children may choose not to wear uniforms as long as they dress in blue.
  • A Garda has been invited to talk to the senior classes on Cyber Bullying.
  • Student Council are collecting suggestions from all the staff and children on how our school can become a kinder and more positive place to be. Ideas will be displayed in hall and some will be implemented during the course of the year.
  • Staff are teaching lessons from the Fun Friends /Friends for Life Programmes and applying the FRIENDS PLAN to resolving bullying. The children are learning to apply the following seven skills so they can feel confident and brave.
  • The programme focuses on the concept of feelings, thoughts and actions ( I think, I feel I do):  feelings come from your heart, thoughts are in your head, you cannot choose feelings but you can choose thoughts, change red unhelpful thoughts into green helpful thoughts, make a coping plan, know your support network.
  • The three senior classes are creating their own bead bracelet. They will be given five beads in the morning where they are required to do five kind deeds each day. If complete they add beads to bracelet.
  • Some teachers are doing art work (composition of colour hand prints with title or hearts in a form of a flower), bunting etc.
  • Teachers are choosing activities from a menu e.g. badges, sorry box in classroom, helping hands, smile more often, pay it, cool to be kind day, give compliments, i.e.


There is a list of websites listed on our policies. Many parents worry about Cyber Bullying and how to address it. Information and materials (hard copies and e-copies) are available from the Office for Internet Safety. Freephone: 1800-2425-95, email: [email protected], Website: .


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