Active School Committee



John McDonald is in charge of the Active School Flag Programme. To achieve the Active School Flag we as a school community must have an educated and physically active school. We must learn about and take part in lots of different sporting activities during school and after school. Scoil Chroí Naofa is a very active school already. We take part in lots of different sporting activities but we need to get every child in school to become more active inside and outside the classroom.  We will be having an Active School Week in June and classes will go on active school tours. A Display Board will be erected in the hall of past activities and future events. Suggestions from each class will be sought. A new committee has been established called the Active School Committee. Mr. McDonald is the Co-Ordinator assisted by Mr. Wallace. Second class is the steering committee.  Their slogan is Be active! Keep active! Stay active! We are participating in a two year Active School Programme and hope to be awarded an Active School Flag. The Active School flag committee has 3 aims:

  • To make sure that everybody takes part in some kind of activity during or after school, e.g. walking, cycling, swimming, running or just playing.
  • To help children to be more active inside and outside of school. It is recommended that children have at least 60 minutes of activity every day.
  • To make sure we have fun while getting more active. It’s much easier to be active if you’re having fun doing it.


The whole school participated in an Active School Week from the 16th – 20th of June. Our slogan is Be active! Keep active! Stay active. Children were encouraged to be active as much as they can at home, at school and at play. According to research children between 5 – 12 years of age need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day. Children should reduce the amount of time spent on watching TV, using video, computer games and phones. The children came to school for the week in their track suits and runners. They were encouraged to be active in their travel as they walk to school. There was a wide variety of fun activities on offer every day for the different classes. Each morning we commenced with a wake up shake up morning assembly presented by the Active School Committee. They demonstrated and encouraged the whole school to participate in some fun exercises. They assigned these exercises as active homework. The teachers organised a variety of activities to mark this active fun week, e.g. active school tour, sports day, disco, hulahoopathon, skipathon, runathon, bizzybreak activities, circuit training with Geoffery (Ms. Sheridan’s brother), active homework, teddy bears picnic, walk a mile with a smile, active travel, Fun & Fitness Activities from the District Health & Fitness Gym, drop everything and dance, drop everything and jog, mexican wave, penalty pandemonium against the principal and class teacher, basketball knockout, salsa & zumba dancing, etc. Children were encouraged to drink water in preference to juices during this week. The Committee issued an Active Newsletter to give ideas to parents and children on how to stay active at home, school and at play. They carried out a daily survey on the number of children in each class who drank water each day. An award was given to the class who drank the most water. Active Awards were presented to children who made a special effort in being extra active. The following were some ideas in supporting  children to be active at home: walk, run, jog, skip, cycle, dance, walk or play with the dog, play tag, hide and seek, football/soccer, swim, trampoline, active chores, plant/weed garden, etc.


The committee is seeking assistance from any parents who would b e willing to share their skills in any area of keeping fit, e.g.  dance, sport, yoga, games, etc.


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