Monthly Archives: January 2022

Using a Clinometer for measurement.

A clinometer is a device used in the past to measure the height of tall objects. It is based on the mathematical fact that a right angled isosceles triangle has two sides of equal length. Therefore if you stand at a 45 degree angle from a tall object the distance between you and the object […]

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Some more art from sixth

In January we have been doing lots of art and knitting in 6th class!       .

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Back to School!

1st class wrap up warm with woolly hats and scarves! For art this week we used oil pastels to create colourful winter clothes and then we etched patterns into the pastels!

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Letter (7) 14012022

Dear Parents                                                    Issue: 07                                                         January 14th 2022   The staff and I hope you and your families had a very happy & peaceful Christmas. We wish you health and blessings for this New Year.   Covid-19: Thank you to pupils and parents for all your efforts to date, in adhering to […]

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Poetry – Composing Cinquains

The girls in 5th and 6th spent some time today learning about the structure of a cinquain and then they composed their own. Since we are studying fashion this week they had to base their poem on the topic of fashion.  

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