Monthly Archives: February 2020

Engineering a paper plane in Room 3.

We had great fun in Junior Infants pretending to be engineers. We got an A4 piece of paper and we folded it different ways to make a paper plane. We could see lots of shapes as we folded our page. We tested our planes by launching them in the hall. We were amazed by how […]

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P.E in Room 3

We were learning our fundamental skill to kick and pass the ball. We had great fun playing a soccer match after.

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Lego workshop in Room 3.

We learnt a lot about the different types of engineers. We got to build an electric car from Lego.

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Engineering in room 4

We had such fun building Big Rigs using bricks, a motor and battery. We had to do some problem solving and we helped each other out. We like engineering a lot !

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Room 4 Infants are Authors

Senior infants in room 4 have been very busy writing and illustrating their very own books. Take a look at some of their creations. What a talented bunch!

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Confirmation is just around the corner

Sixth Class have created these beautiful scrapbooks on their journey to Confirmation. We are thinking of them especially this week and hope they have. Very special day on Saturday.

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